Wayne Hussey, a formerhigh school teacher, attacked his wife Doris Hussey in their Stephenville home last February, stabbing her in the throat, neck and face. Their live shows were joyous, communal celebrations, with their legions of loyal, travelling fans, including the infamous Eskimos, forming teetering human pyramids as a speed-driven Mission blitzed through one roof-raising anthem after another onstage. Hussey has lived in Brazil for 12 years with his wife Cinthya and has come to the UK to rehearse for The Mission’s upcoming Another Fall From Grace Tour. El cantante y guitarrista "Wayne Hussey" vocalista y cofundador de la banda británica de rock gótico "The Mission", cumple 62 años de edad. BILLY DUFFY. DEAD GUITARS. ot many people can claim to be a veteran of three of the most iconic bands of the 1980s… but one man who can is Wayne Hussey, ex-Dead Or Alive, ex-Sisters Of Mercy and still very much the frontman of goth-rock heroes The Mission, an outfit whose famously loyal fanbase has enabled them to carry on touring and releasing albums even though the hits – let’s not forget The Mission had a string of 11 … Keyboards & Guitars from 1992 to 1996. GBeye Pink Floyd Rainbow Theatre Poster 61x91,5cm. Frontman Wayne Hussey was openly bisexual, years before Brett Anderson made similar claims. Opening band for the ‘Farewell Tour’ Remarks: the Dead Guitars album ‘Flags’ features contributions by Wayne Hussey, Mark Gemini Thwaite, and Richard Vernon. Just before that Hussey … Wayne började sin karriär som musiker i Dead or Alive i början av 1980-talet och några år senare var han låtskrivare och gitarrist i Sisters of Mercy (och skrev bland annat en av världens bästa låtar - "Marian" tillsammans med Andrew Eldritch).… RICHARD CARTER. Of het nu om uw woonkamer, slaapkamer of kantoor gaat. Wayne’s wife. Dagens gäst i lördagssoffan är ingen mindre än Wayne Hussey från The Mission. Wayne Hussey found himself in a studio control room, alone and feeling down. Wayne Hussey, singer and guitarist in The Mission since their formation in 1986, is connecting with me via Skype from Bristol, the city in which he was raised, “where my folks still live” and where he’s just had dinner at his brother’s. Guitarist from The Cult. With The Mission: live guest in 1986 & 1988. Met deze pink floyd poster krijgt u een echte blikvanger … At their peak, The Mission were the best live band on the … CINTHYA HUSSEY. Met deze prachtige muziek poster van uitstekende kwaliteit, brengt u gelijk sfeer aan in een ruimte.