This specialization explores the adverse health effects of disasters and the public health and emergency management principles that can be applied to reduce those effects. ... that is focused on disaster management will help you to prepare for an exciting and rewarding career in this growing area of public health. Advocates for public health education. Common specializations within these include epidemiology, environmental health, or health promotion and communications. ... Public administration officials are involved with developing and carrying out public health policies. However, social and behavioral health workers may have a greater emphasis on understanding how individual thought processes can affect health. In part, this wide field of opportunity results from the fact that "public health" is a broad subject. In the public health subfield, epidemiologists earn an average salary of $70,990. 7 Super Exciting Specializations with a Masters in Public Administration. Common degree areas include public health, international relations and global studies, tropical medicine, and environmental health. Like other public health specializations, this area includes a focus on the social influences impacting a population’s overall health. Students interested in specializing in this area are advised to follow an academic pathway that includes four core courses through the Center for Public Health and Disasters. No matter which area of allied health you choose to enter, you can find many financially rewarding career paths. Health Management and Policy The public health field is growing by leaps and bounds. Students complete major public health coursework and coursework in a chosen specialization, including global health, family and community health, occupational and environmental health or other areas. When you earn a Master of Public Health degree, you will have the option to choose an MPH specialization that will provide you room for career advancement in your chosen area of interest. More than ever before, professionals are looking toward this industry, given its projected growth and benefits. 5 Specializations in a Master’s in Public Health Program Earning a Master's degree in public health is a gateway to a variety of great jobs. Discover four key areas that are forcing professionals to take notice of the opportunities in public health and consider transitioning into the industry. ... A master’s of public health in the international specialization will prepare you for roles in leadership in international organizations. For example, the median salary for registered nutritionists is $61,270.