These triangle gaps between two teeth are filled with the part of the gums (gingiva) which has the shape of a pyramid. Brush colour depends on the size of her head and can be pink, orange, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, gray or black. The cylindrical head is also extra flexible to remove all trapped food particles from tight spaces which is especially important for people with braces, implants and dental bridges. After each use, they should be carefully rinsed with water and left to air dry. 1. While, too large brush will damage the gums. But often we forget to clean their side surfaces. Click here to see best interdental brushes great for tight teeth and for braces! SKY Interdental Brush Cleaners [1 Handle + 23 Brushes… The areas between the teeth have been filled with food debris for so long time, so lot of bacteria have been created there which led to the infection and inflammation of the gums. Are you in a hurry? See our teeth-brushing guide for … Sometimes, it may happen that brushes are better choice for interproximal cleaning between majority of teeth gaps, while for others dental floss is more suitable. These are especially recommended for pregnant women, after oral surgical interventions, to people who have very sensitive gums, to those with severe form of gingivitis, as well to all those who prefer softer brush. Then, gently suppress the brush through the second half to it’s end. First brush your teeth thoroughly with toothbrush and toothpaste. Another great characteristic is that they are coated with fluorides which helps in preventing teeth cavities. Same as with ordinary toothbrushes, interdental brush should also be changed when fibers gets deformed. If this is not possible, you can perform the measuring by yourself and quite accurately determine just by trying different interdental brush sizes. This means the brushes need to be removed from the handle and disposed of in your normal household garbage. Here are the top 5 best interdental brushes that are highly recommended: 1. Extra Soft TePe brushes, as well as the Original ones, also have flat and short handle. Be systematic when using an interdental brush and clean the teeth in one position to avoid any damage to the gums. The gums are healthy if they are firm to the touch, and also if their color is light pink. But in these brushes the wire is made of stainless steel like the one used for surgical instruments. Nevertheless, small and very flexible, it can adapt to almost all sizes of interdental spaces. Twice a day is just enough – in the morning and in the evening 30 minutes after last meal. Picking the right interdental toothbrush is a little bit more complicated, but if you’re just getting started with interdental brushes, in a rush and you want the best … So, now you know how to use interdental brushes, but which is the best brand and type for you? For advice on their selection it is best to ask your dental hygienist or dentist. Brushes that are smaller (marked by the numbers 0,1,2 and 3) have a flexible neck for easier access, particularly to inaccessible areas between the back teeth. Also, this cylindrical head is extremely flexible and can be bent up to the angle of 90 degrees. These so called interdental aids or cleaners penetrate in the spaces between the teeth where toothbrush fibers can not reach. 1. First, inflammation of the gums occurs. But, the disadvantages of the floss are especially shown when cleaning recessed teeth areas (such as between molars), because they can not be completely cleaned with it at all. Therefore, it is may be necessary for you to use several different brushes. Also, people who have bridges, crowns and implants or wear fixed orthodontic appliances, must devote special attention to hygiene of these so called interproximal areas. When we look at the physique of the brush, most of them have a thin, According to the shape of the head, we distinguish. Each brush lasts satisfactory long, up to two months of daily use. Oral-B Genuine Rechargeable Replacement Toothbrush Head, Pack of 2 . Only when all five surfaces of each tooth are clean, we can talk about a thorough dental hygiene. It may have cylindrical or tapered shape. This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics.