Its main features include differential feed, customizable stitch length and width, color-coded lay-in threading system, and 6-types of stitches. If you want that your serger machine serves you for years, make sure it is from one of the following best brands. You might have seen that many professional sewers or people using the best sewing machines do not use serger machines or remain away from serging. The one I found best among all sergers I tested and analyzed is Brother Serger, 1034D, Overlock Machine. It allows users to combine 2, 3, or 4 threads while doing the tasks. Threading is a common problem people face while dealing with serger machines. These machines are used mainly in the finishing of garments to give a neat and professional appearance to the insides. It is affordable and robust with all the latest features. Juki. My fifth pick is SINGER Professional 14T968DC Serger Overlock. Necchi S34 Overlocker. Brother sewing machines were the favorite in 2019. Brother Serger 1034DX Overlock Machine is one of the top serger machines for beginners. MO654DE is a portable and efficient serger sewing machine for home as well as professional users. CO., LTD established in 1965. With several easy-to-use functions, it is highly in demand. JUKI MO-1000 is a good serger machine for all types of users. In 2020, the best one can have is Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch. For more information, check how to oil a sewing machine. Brother machines are always full of new and important features. If beginner sewers start their journey with advanced machines, they can quickly catch-up with new technologies. It is a heavy-duty, metal frame workhorse made to serve you for years. Nowadays, manufacturers reveal prices on their official website also. You can easily find a rolled hem on napkins, tablecloths, and similar types of sheer fabrics. The Brother 1034D is a simple, quick, customizable and efficient machine. SiRUBA is also a renowned name in the world of sewing machines. Their best serger machine for this year is Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Serger Machine. When you have to make a narrow seam on the sheer fabric, you should prefer a rolled hem/ rolled edge. A serger gives your sewing skills a boost. SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 is an advanced overlock machine for finishing professional projects proficiently. Brother Serger 1034DX Overlock Machine is such an advanced serger for beginners. Overlocker sewing machines are also known as sergers . However, if you know how to use an embroidery machine, using a serger like this will become easy. Since it is one of the users’ best-rated overlock machines, I wanted to include Singer 14CG754 in this list and tell you all about its advantages and drawbacks so that you can judge for yourself. With the presence of Blind Hem Foot, Standard Foot, and Gathering Foot, you’ll find this machine suitable for almost every project. Its safety feature won’t allow running the machine until the cover is open. Whether you are a beginner or a professional sewer, you’re going to find this serger as the best fit. Oiling a serger sewing machine is a part of sewing machine maintenance. To learn more, watch What is a Serger and how do I use it? Its 2-3-4-5 thread capability provides users several stitch options to finish almost all types of projects proficiently. With 22 built-in stitches, it allows creating triple thread overlock, 4-thread overlock, ribbon lock stitches, and narrow, rolled hem. Juki Pearl Line MO-655 2/3/4/5 Thread Overlocker. If you ask me a winner amongst these 10, I’ll go with Brother Serger, 1034D, Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Overlock Machine. 24. My next pick is the elegant and efficient, Brother Designio DZ1234 serger and sewing machine. MO654DE is an efficient serger sewing machine. Sergers can transform your simple projects into extraordinary ones. Its maximum speed 1,100 spm (stitches per minute) is a bit less than 1,300 spm. Many sewers new to serging choose the wrong stitch for their project. Your objective should be to get a budget serger machine satisfying your requirements. You can find this particular kind of stitch in athletic wear and yoga pants. Brother makes some of the best serger sewing machines. Coverstitch Serger 2340CV is one of them. It is a highly efficient serger that sits quietly on your sewing table and provides excellent results. To get one of the best serger machines that will serve your purpose, you will need to conduct heavy research and compare each of these machines features side by side. Only the best serger machines turn overlocking tasks into exciting experiences. It means you don’t need to worry about relevant uncertainties. Juki MO644D is a portable serger machine best suitable for light and medium weight fabric. Juki MO644D Portable Serger. As you know that serging is not as easy as sewing, make sure your serger machine’s settings make everything easy for you. And, features the color-coded threading guide to prevent confusion while using multiple threads. Every sewing enthusiast can have this machine because it excels in finishing the garments quickly and professionally. The tasks a serger does are beyond those done by a sewing and embroidery machine. The main reasons behind its popularity amongst the seamstresses are high efficiency and versatility. Even if you are a beginner, its printer manual, instructional videos, and other materials make learning easy and quick. When you have to secure the edges of woven fabrics or stretchy knits efficiently, a triple thread overlock will help. While making the purchase, find out types of accessories/ attachments available with your machine. No matter you are a household or professional, you’ll find value in this machine. Brother machines are always full of new and important features. It gives users the option to use 2, 3, and 4 threads during their projects. Read on! Before moving into the detailed review of the top 10 serger machines, let us first compare their features in the following table. It happens because most of them are not aware of which stitches to use. It is one of the most commonly used stitches. Best for Beginners – Brother Serger 1034DX Overlock Machine. It is a brand of KAULIN MFG. In overlockers, the most famous model of this year is Singer Professional 14T968DC Serger Overlock. One of its features I liked most is the unique Jet-Air Looper Threading. However, it’s important that you will choose the one that will best satisfy your needs. You can easily witness this style on the seams of garments. All these and more allow you to create customized finishes on your projects. It means you get freedom from struggles, frustration, and annoying thread guides. That’s why I have done it for you. It is a rare combination. When you have to overlock your stretchy clothes/ fabrics efficiently, you should go for flatlock. Brother Serger 1034DX Overlock Machine is such an advanced serger for beginners. One gets the freedom to swap the presser foot with the foot of your own. With a history of more than 150 years, it has not only witnessed but also participated in the transformation of this world. Today, computerized serger machines are in the market, and they are more user-friendly than the basic ones. The best thing is that it comes with various accessories to help you master a variety of projects. An efficient stitch enclosure should combine different patterns else you won’t get desired results. Always compare the latest price while shopping for a serger sewing machine. Brother 1034D Serger is the best choice when you want advanced features without spending a lot.