(2018). Developing leadership, building long-lasting relationships, and learning the power of prayer are some of the goals this college has for its students. Retention Rate: 75% The highest degree obtainable at this school is an associate degree. A significant aspect of this university is that students can intern with the university’s program called Ecological Agricultural and Society. Niche. It is located in Box Elder, Montana. 4 Montana Technological University. Niche. Niche. Retrieved from https://www.niche.com/colleges/blackfeet-community-college/, Average Net Price: $10,875 The college also implements the preservation and protection of the Crow culture and language, and it teaches students to respect all parts of the Crow Indian community and heritage. Students at Carroll College usually become interns or employees in local businesses, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and state government businesses. An associate degree is the highest level of education students can receive at this college. The highest level of education one may earn at this community college is an associate degree. The staff is incredibly supportive, and students have access to numerous clubs and organizations. Retrieved from https://www.mtech.edu/highlands/, Highlands College of Montana Tech. The university strives to equip each student with excellent learning opportunities, personal growth, and responsibility skills. Research is a prominent part of Montana State University-Northern and is incorporated into almost every course’s curriculum. Retrieved from http://www.cdkc.edu, Average Net Price: $8,311 This article needs additional citations for verification. Edarabia strives to offer the latest updates, helping you find the best university in Montana with information on tuition fees, accreditation details, videos, photos, location map, community reviews and ratings. Retrieved from http://www.ancollege.edu/?page=information/Mission_Statement, Average Net Price: $9,649 By interning with this program, students receive course credit and work on the school’s 10-acre farm that produces food for emergency shelters. Montana State University, 3. Retrieved from https://www.fvcc.edu/about-fvcc/strategic-plan/, Flathead Valley Community College. It is located in Glendive, Montana. Salary After Attending: $28,200. Graduation Rate: 39% Helena College University of Montana is a public community college that was founded in the year 1939. Students usually choose to study the fields of Liberal Arts and Humanities, Welding, and Business. Retrieved from http://www.fpcc.edu/about-fpcc/, Fort Peck Community College. Carroll College is a private college established in 1909. Graduation Rate: 8% Graduation Rate: 29% The highest degree that this community college provides is an associate degree. This school provides opportunities for those who plan to enter the workforce quickly or who decide to further their education. It is located in Poplar, Montana and is a Native American institution. The University of Montana–Western is a public university that was formed in 1893. It is located in Missoula, Montana. Retrieved from https://www.niche.com/colleges/great-falls-college—montana-state-university/, Strategic planning. In addition, if a student is interested in pursuing medical school, the graduates of the University of Montana are often admitted into medical schools across the country at a high rate of 78 percent, while the national average percentage is 40 percent. It is located in Crow Agency, Montana and is a Native American college. Blackfeet Community College. Students of this college generally study Liberal Arts and Humanities, Licensed Practical Nurse Training, Culinary Arts and Food Service, Welding, Construction and Heave Equipment Operation, Nursing, and Graphic Design. Graduation Rate: 26% Retrieved from https://www.dawson.edu/about/, Dawson Community College. Retention Rate: 81% Participating in a program like this during college looks good on resumes. Retention Rate: 46% Montana Technological University is a public university that opened its doors to the public in 1893. I went from a 3.4 high school student to a 4.0 college student because of it. Retention Rate: 55% Average salary after attending the Montana’s institutions ranges between $13,800 and $45,500. It is the perfect choice for you if your love of the outdoors accompanies your big city educational dreams. (2019). In addition, the school will also help students find apprenticeships, internships, career opportunities, or colleges to further their educations. Miles Community College. The highest degree students can earn at this community college is an associate degree. Salary After Attending: $16,500. To learn more about this program, see https://www.wiche.edu/wue/. About us. The ranking compares the top undergraduate business schools in … Retrieved from https://www.niche.com/colleges/highlands-college-of-montana-tech/, Average Net Price: $20,235 (2019). Most students at this school usually choose to study Nursing, Dental Assisting, Psychology, Business, and Elementary Education. Retention Rate: 56% Retention Rate: 56% Additionally, Montana Technological University is known to have a high job placement percentage after graduation, which is an excellent aspect for prospective students to know. Retrieved from http://www.cdkc.edu/node/1, About Chief Dull Knife College. (2018). (2019). Retrieved from https://www.niche.com/colleges/carroll-college/, Average Net Price: $12,993 Chancellor’s welcome. (2019). Montana State University-Northern. (2019). The population of the college continues to grow each year, which is a promising sign of exceptional educational opportunities. Chief Dull Knife College. It also helps teach students how to be successful and thrive in a society centered around American technology. Montana State University-Northern. 2021 Best Colleges for Business in Montana About this List The Best Colleges for Business ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Salary After Attending: $38,800. Montana’s major research institutions, the University of Montana and Montana State University, have one foot in academic research, and one in real-world application, bringing useful knowledge and technology to industry every day. This university offers incredible internships in many careers locally in Montana’s largest city, which will give students real-world educational experience.