It is a bitter - astringent tonic herb. Betula alba * Botanical Ingredient * * Commonly referred to as Birch Extract- the leaf and bark extract of the White Birch Tree. Information about traditional medicinal uses of Birch Tree as well as hundreds of other herbs and natural herbal remedies. The tree is also known as the Giving Tree , for its sap, leaves, bark, shoots, twigs and buds, all the parts can be put to use for medicinal purposes. THE BIRCH TREE Description: Betula Alba. In each and every form, the herb acts as an excellent tonic and a detoxifier. Birch is a tree. Birch is used for infections of the urinary tract that affect the kidney, bladder, ureters, and urethra. Its appearance in summer is elegant, and in winter the bark is frequently variegated with red and white streaks. Birch is a tree. It is also used as a diuretic to increase urine output. “ Birch” means : “ a tree whose bark is used for writing on”. Known for its skin healing and purifying properties, yet it … The use of dietary or medicinal plant based natural compounds to disease treatment has become a unique trend in clinical research. The leaves of the tree, which contain lots of vitamin C, are used to make medicine.