It was definitely a big fad at one point. Aluminium; Bell Brass; ABM 3028. Cutting a nut correctly is one of the most challenging and important parts of luthiery. See more. Bell Brass; Aluminum; ABM 3027. ABM 3020. See more. Locks the nut into place so it will not vibrate loose; Retain locking ability up to 250 °F (121 °C) Also referred to as Nylon Lock Nuts, Nyloc Nuts, Polymer-Insert Lock Nuts, or Elastic Stop Nuts; NOTE: Color and sheen may vary on Brass and Silicon Bronze fasteners Type Self-Aligning Nut with Captive Sleeve End Connections Nut Tube Outside Diameter (Inch) 1/4 Material Lead Free Brass Maximum Working Pressure (psi) … ABM 6250 Nut The adjustable nut for 5-string basses. The adjustable 4-string bass nut with 40mm width. Or. Each one must be cut according to the dimensions and requirements of the specific neck it is to be … Bass Nut Blanks. No other bass I own has a brass nut, though, and I wouldn't go out of my way to get one. Or. There is no such thing as "plug-and-play" when it comes to nuts. But. Bell Brass; Stainless Steel; ABM 2506. Bell Brass; Stainless Steel; Roller Bridges; Stoptails. 6 Electric Bass Brass Nut Blanks! These blanks measure 2" x 3/16" x 3/4" You just need to cut them in half long ways to get the bass blanks! Very close too it, which is still going to be plenty of brass for carving a nut for any 4 or 5 string electric bass guitar. I remember a time in the 80's when it was difficult to find a used bass that DIDN'T have the nut replaced with a brass one. This will leave you with 3/8" tall bass nut blanks!