Aquadulce ", (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our. Space additional double rows about 80cm (32in) apart. Suitable for sowing in both autumn and spring. When they are ready to plant out, gently tease the seedlings apart and pop them into the ground at the same distance as described in the article above. Your best bet is to sow them from mid to late winter for planting out in early spring. Take a look at this quick video clip, as Monty Don demonstrates how to sow broad beans in autumn. But if it continues to be mild you'll be fine. Unfortunately my garden gets little sun in winter and some of the shoots at one location which is more shady now have blackened tips. Sow the seeds individually into modules of compost, setting the seeds about 3cm (1in) deep. Enjoy your beans - they're fantastically generous plants! any thing about it,thank Joseph. Hardy broad beans tolerate cold winter weather very well. I would suggest sowing again in early spring on a fresh piece of ground. Published social history author. The kidney-shaped beans have a satisfyingly fat, substantial feel to them. Slender pods of 23cm (9") long, are full of succulent white seeded flavoursome beans. They will just sit there and seem to be doing nothing but they are busy under the soil building up their root system. Do this by pushing bamboo canes into the ground to create a double row of supports flanking each block of beans. (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our Contact Form to send us your comment, along with the title of this article. If you get a sudden cold snap the shoots may benefit from being covered with fleece so as to stop all that fleshy growth getting damaged by hard frosts. My question is for the warmer-climate gardeners: will the broadbeans do well in in a coastal temperate climate like Southern California, where our daily temperatures are ~17c during the day and ~6-7c at night? Whose will do better? My question is can I grow these in my greenhouse, (cold frame)? The universal favourite for autumn sowings is ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ (sometimes sold simply as ‘Aquadulce’), which yields 23cm (9in)-long pods encasing smooth white beans. Seems to be working so far for my Super Aquadulce. I personally do not wait for a cold spell to plant. Hi Mary. A gardeners' favourite. Tie string between the canes to frame the beans – about two strands should do the trick. Assuming you plant them now you should be in line for a crop as soon as late spring - say late May or June. of helpful facts, thanks for providing these statistics. As their name implies, this type of broad bean produces longer pods packed with more beans. It establishes reliably, crops early and grows to a manageable metre (3ft) tall. It is now mid November and there hasn't been a frost where I am as yet. ", "Hi Gerry. It is nature’s way of flushing out the old as she settles down for winter’s slumber. They will flop all over the place at first, but once they're long enough to "corral" inside the bottom ring of the tomato cage they'll stay there (usually...) Same goes for the next ring up, etc. Never heard of that before, will have to try it. Firstly, it gives us the first delicious beans of the year – irresistible cooked in a fresh springtime soup with perhaps spring onions, spinach and any other early risers gleaned from the garden. Broad beans have an incredible capacity to withstand winter weather. If you need help designing your vegetable garden, try our Vegetable Garden Planner. When can i expect to produce beans ? ", "Hi Ben, I've never seen any other allotment holders to this near me? Waiting for a cold snap would risk delaying the beans' development. Anyways I commend you all the same, good site and page on FB. It’s a good idea to erect bamboo canes every 3ft and tie string from each cane until the double row is surrounded, this will help stop the plants rocking around too much and disturbing their roots during a windy winter. First photo courtesy of Suttons Seeds. regards from the tropics, ", "hi just finish erecting a 18ft plastic tunnel first plantings is going to be you gest it broad bens on 26 October 2018", "Really useful information - last year we had a really good crop but the tip on ‘girdling’ the beans with string etc. They will be about two weeks behind autumn/fall-sown beans, but will still crop in good time.