In order to use this book it would be helpful to be familiar with the CAGED system and the pentatonic scale, however it is not necessary. The major pentatonic scale is mostly used in country, folk country rock, blues and jazz. The CAGED System Part 2 In part one of “Unlock The Fretboard With The CAGED System” we went over the basic ... Add the minor 3rd to pentatonic and you have blues. This makes learning the system as a whole much easier. basic chord positions for the CAGED system. The CAGED method takes its name from the fact that there are only five basic chord forms: C, A, G, E and D. This figure shows the 5 forms of the CAGED system in their open positions. Fantastic lesson! It's the virtual blueprint for utilizing the entire fretboard. We will approach the chord progressions by working with the keys of C A G E and D. Progression 1 4 C F G C 4 Play the chord progression using 1st position C … Learn how to play the pentatonic scale: perhaps the most popular scale for guitar players. You will also find that your rhythm guitar vocabulary will improve as you continue to use these chords. I would say the BEST! CAGED System The CAGED system is a great system for mapping chord patterns to pentatonic scales. This sheet will help you understand how to read chord charts. The X means that the string is not played and the O means that the string is played open. The shapes of the major pentatonic scale are exactly the same as those of the minor pentatonic scale, except the root note is located else where.. Each of the five chapters focuses on 1 of the 5 patterns of the CAGED system. Each pattern covers a chord in the notes on the fret row below and above. It creates a more happy and uplifting sound. ... Pentatonic Scales. Most guitarists who have done any improvising at all have encountered them. We focused on major scales, because they are in a sense, the ‘master scale’. The lesson is “How to use the CAGED system to play a solo” by Scott Paul Johnson. And add the 4th and 7th to pentatonic to make the major scale. (others would not and for some good reasons). Pentatonic Scales And The Caged System (Lead Guitar Playing Part 1) In the previous lesson we discussed what scales are , why they’re important, and the many benefits of learning them well. The root and 5th are the same. If you are only using the standard pentatonic box pattern, you are only using 20% of the fretboard. Just click the sheet you’re interested and it will open as a PDF for you to download or print straight from your browser. Minor The same thing applies to minor. This post is an overview to the guitar’s CAGED system, highlighting the diatonic and pentatonic scale shapes as the relate to the whole fret board. There are two free downloads of the scale systems as an overview: chords related to fret board to scales. Looking to learn some basic guitar chords? The CAGED Pentatonic Soloing System is designed to break you out of that box pattern that we all learned when we first started to play guitar. He also offers free PDF files. PDF for this lesson: The CAGED system. Everything in this book is presented in the key of A minor so that you can see how it all relates together and so that Interestingly, I ran across a great lesson on YouTube just this week that does an amazing job of overlaying the pentatonic shapes to the CAGED patterns. CAGED System Overview. If you add just a couple of notes (specifically, the 2nd and the 6th) to the triad arpeggio, you end up with a pentatonic scale.