Leave the largest, most vigorous canes. Kath Irvine says . X. Get our latest tips, how-to articles, and instructional videos sent to your inbox. Red raspberries can bear one-crop or two-crops per season … In late winter, prune the canes as you would for red raspberry. Raspberries can be divided into two types by when they bear fruit: (1) one-crop, summer-bearing raspberries also called standard raspberries and (2) two-crop, summer and fall bearing raspberries, also called ever-bearing raspberries. Note: Although you can train black raspberry on a V trellis, a single wire trellis will better accommodate the plant’s branching habit. The second option is to prune all canes back to … If pruning for two crops, in the early spring, you can remove the portion of the cane that produced fruit the previous year. These big, vigorous brambles will only grow into heavy-bearing … fromaway46 12/27/2015 . Early spring is the time to prune your rows of autumn-fruiting raspberries, to clear the way for the canes that will bear this year’s crop. How are you preventing disease spores on dead canes from … Experts prune once new growth begins, as it is proven to offer the finest results. "Wait until early spring to tip-prune raspberries, because until then you do not know the extent of winter injury to the canes." Sign Up. This option provides two crops during the year. You will know you’ve pruned to the right spot when you can see a bit of green at the end of the cane where you cut it. Good for you Ngaire – hope next seasons crop is a goody! Now that’s the Best Raspberry Pruning I’ve ever read – I’ve been out right now , and cut the Floricane canes out and now have an ‘eye’ for old and new canes . How you prune a raspberry plant depends upon when the plant bears fruit—once a year or twice a year. … That’s wonderful to know now the right way to prune Raspberries which grow so well in the South Otago climate. Pruning – Raspberries are tough & will produce even if neglected but pruning increases your success – it is best to prune annually for the best production. At the time I wrote this, I had not yet met black raspberries (Rubus occidentalis) or the purple strains created by crossing them with red raspberries (for example, the ‘Royalty’ and ‘Brandywine’ varieties). all the best Kath. If you prune and it still appears grey in color, cut down a little more. – Pruning can happen in spring or in the fall – leaving old canes can provide winter protection by way of holding snow. Autumn-fruiting raspberries are easy to prune. Ngaire. Comments. Beverly … The best time to prune raspberries is in Spring, specifically earlier during this season. If you have gold, purple, or red raspberries, be sure to begin the pruning process early Spring. One pruning option is to prune out all weak, diseased, and damaged canes at ground level. Cut back the tips of the canes that remain. Fall-bearing red raspberries can be pruned two different ways in March or early April. However, black raspberries should be pruned earlier. This depends on how tall they have grown, which is the best determining factor to pruning this variety. View Comments . July 1, 2017 at 3:05 pm. Remove approximately the upper one-third of the canes.