If you aren’t hearing any or most of the sounds from Discord then the Discord settings might be set towards a different output device. Sometimes it is just as easy as restarting Discord. 3. Baked into Discord is the ability for hardware manufacturers to tell us a little more about the certified devices that are plugged into a user's computer. If you are looking for a quick fix, you can try logging out so that your friends can hear your voice over Discord. Discord Not Picking Up Mic Input, How to Fix? Check if you can receive Discord notifications. 3. 2. Cant change output source for discord Hey guys maybe you can help i like to change my output from my headset to my tv every now and then. Where hanging out is easy. Check the output device (no sound) If you can’t hear Discord notification sound, please check your Output device. 3. Any thoughts here or suggestions? Download and install the available version. Find Discord in the taskbar. Simply select the right one or the default one should resolve the issue. Right-click on the sound icon from the notification tray on the bottom right side of your computer. Now try to perform Test Mic. Choose the Right Input and Output Devices. 3. The one other solution take you can do is to just choose your microphone under Input Device at the very top of the page. Method 3: Use Proper Sound Output/Input. Make sure to choose the right Input Device and Output Device. Friends in your server can see you’re around and … Solution 4: Change Output Device In Discord. Select Playback Devices. My Computer FreeBooter. It is possible that everything runs properly in Discord and Windows 10 or your mobile device, the issues falls the input and output device you choose to use on Discord or the volume you have set them. If your voice device is not set as the default communication device, the Discord has no sound issue can easily happen. Logging out of Discord. The premap shows that my microphone is picking up sound, but I get no output to any application or Windows itself. If changing the default Windows output device did not help you, you can also try changing the default output device in the discord app. Method 1: Set Output Device. Here are the things you should do: 1. If you do a quick search on the Discord Reddit sub, you will find that a lot of people have been fixing this issue just by restarting their Discord client. Follow the steps given below to check and select the appropriate audio device. Sometimes the issue might simply be because of an incorrect audio device selected in the Discord. Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can collaborate, share, and just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. Also, make sure that the volume of both input and output devices is high. Windows sees the device, I've reinstall drivers, the latest Windows update, and all of the normal things I can think of. Right-click on Discord. Sometimes the issue might simply be with your output device. Posts : 3,607. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. One must make sure the input and the output settings of the device are working properly. Fix 2: Set Your Voice Device as Default Communication Device. Restart Discord. So, simply changing the settings to use your output device … 1. If the above two steps seem to fail, then it is necessary to check the device settings of the system. Choosing of the right input and output device: Why Is My Mic Not Working On Discord. Understandably, Discord has no sound when your input or output volume is too small. One must be sure that the input and the output volume is turned up. Alright, so you found out that your microphone still doesn’t work even after trying both of the above methods. Select the right input and output device for the app — select the microphone as your input device. Click Check for Updates… and wait for the process. You will find this setting under the application settings, follow these steps for the same: Open the Discord application on your computer.