It can replace your regular blingy green wreath and toy birds with something that’s homemade and organic. This wine bottle is suspended upside down from a frame, and it looks like the bird seed is pouring out of the bottle. The arch will give an unobstructed view of birds from the other side of the window. Do It Yourself Unfinished Wood Bird Feeder Kits. You can use threads to hand fruit slices – birds prefer apples and oranges – to attract birds. Using straw or metal hanging baskets to hold the saucer in place with glue, will be a good idea, since you wouldn’t want the saucer to tilt and spill the bird seed. These one-liter plastic bottles can be hung around your backyard or windows as bird feeders. It’s made out of simply cut plywood, and has a deck to it. More details at HANGING OPTIONS - Comes fully assembled and ready to hang,... WELL MATERIAL. There's a problem loading this menu right now. More details at Time is fleeting. A treat for you, a treat for the birds, and a treat for the eyes of people visiting your backyard. You can mold the bird seed suet mixture in spherical balls and put them in the mesh bags. The bird seed is filled in the central portion. You can use a drill to make holes in the pot for the seeds to fall out. Plus, you can use one of the sections for water instead of food. More details at Like this nice little bird feeder. Now that we know what fruits the birds love, we can use them as a bird seed holder. LARGER CAPACITY. Would you like to offer them a special treat when they decide to pay a visit? Although, it’s also available for purchase, you can craft it from toys, clay, and other rubber articles. You wouldn’t have to worry about refilling it time and again. If you have some leftover PVC pipe pieces from an old construction or a garage project, you can upcycle it as a crafty bird feeder. You can hang it horizontally or vertically, straight or upended, decorated or just plain normal; it is guaranteed to look good with birds flying around. Kids will have a ball working with clay, and will keep themselves busy with pottery inspired bird feeders. It’s not even difficult to make! We saw some designs for plastic and wine bottles upcycled as bird feeders. These tea cups are placed in a saucer normally, and glued neatly. Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages Model AT4. You can paint the cans in different colors, and hoist them on a sticks, high from the ground. The tea cup will hold the bird seed, and the saucer will act a stand for the birds. If you have any spare ones in your kitchen, you can use it to make a bird feeder. These holes are stuffed with the suet mix, and the whole feeder is hanged in the garden. More details at Building on our article about DIY backyard habitats, we put together some easy bird feeder projects kids can tackle as well.Along with some tips from the National Wildlife Federation, kids should have everything they need to successfully attract birds… Keeping them around the bird baths in your backyard or under the cool shade of plants, can attract more birds. More details at I do, on my balcony. Extra tip: Use a plastic bottle cap to reduce the impact of drill on the clay and keep it from cracking. Pretty birds with feathers of brilliant colors are always a sight to behold. More details at, If you’re not interested in using metal, glass or tin cans for your bird feeders, you need not worry. If you have old Lego blocks from children’s toy kits that you can spare, or if you don’t mind purchasing a basic Lego kit, you can make your very own Lego Bird Feeder. I do too, especially the best architecture kits envisioned by LEGO yet beyond kits with a specific end design, free-styling with LEGOs is the thing that started everything.There are so many things you can create with these colored blocks. Even if you don’t drink wine, you can use any colored glass bottles, or simply buy them from a thrift shop. It’s really economic, and you get to try different ideas this way. You can buy one of those to make a cute little bird feeder for your garden. You can use it from most showcase items that have these kinds of swing sets, or you can get one from a doll house. They’ll also withhold the weight of many birds, especially if they’re suspended by a woolen yarn. You can cover it up with a piece of fabric to keep the squirrels away, and add some more colors to it. It will look especially festive with Halloween knocking on your door. This bird feeder is pretty simple to make. The creator of this idea stumbled across this idea by happenstance. You don’t even have to decorate the bird feeders, and they’re easy to replace too.