In Sabah, red durian is fried with onions and chilli and served as a side dish. These soft eggy cakes are deliciously  sweet and filled with durian paste. Red-fleshe… Click to select the duration you give consent until. Although some people consider it as a good aphrodisiac. Durian is actually more pleasant that it is described. Not only it will be prepared so you can taste it in its best conditions and it will keep you out of trouble! How did I miss the durian sticky rice during my many trips to Thailand? For sure the Philippines is included. During durian season, my family would have a sackful of these. Surprisingly creamy, the texture was quite soft and smooth. It was the worst and most interesting ice cream I’d ever had. In Malaysia, you will find Tambun biscuits a Penang delicacy, made with Durian the “King of Fruits”. It is very clean, well laid out with different sections for fresh meats and seafood, flowers, vegetables and fruits. King of Fruits. Two varieties of Durian at the market in Thailand. Es durian (durian ice cream) is a popular dessert in Indonesia, sold at street side stall in Indonesian cities, especially in Java. We saw durian fruit throughout our travels across Southeast Asia, and noticed a special reverence for the fruit in Malaysia. . It tastes delicate and has an ice-cream taste. The ice cream looks good. Hours:  Open every day, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm every day. The name comes from the Malay word for thorns. Today, Thailand is the largest exporter of durian fruit and and is host to the, World Durian Festival in Chanthaburi province. Today, Thailand is the largest exporter of durian fruit and and is host to the World Durian Festival in Chanthaburi province. I still haven’t tried Mangosteen, but I feel like I need to try the female counterpart to the durian . Or Tor Kor Market is a great place walk around, browse or do some actual grocery shopping. Its odorous reputation precedes it – totally understand how it’s banned for flight. Indefinite1 Month3 Months6 Months } ?>. It is one of the best fresh markets in Bangkok, and has even been ranked by CNN, as one of the 10 world’s fresh  market. Hi, happy to find this post!. , but only nine edible fruit and over 300 named varieties in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia. Their mission is to help you enjoy the best local specialties on your travels or via recipes in your home kitchen. We bought the two varieties and sat down to taste durian for the first time. Time to go back…it is worth the trip and experience Indeed durian ice cream is an easy way to start. We bought the two varieties and sat down to taste durian for the first time. This Durian Ice Cream sourcing the best quality ingredients from around the world to create an innovative and exciting range of flavours. Durian is used to flavor many sweets and desserts in Southeast Asia. Here’s how you can appreciate durian taste while traveling through Southeast Asia. Claire, ex-engineer, is a digital nomad and content creator at Authentic Food Quest. In our discussion, we learned that the month of March is the. I tried the candy versions and didn’t like it so I don’t know if the fruit version is better. Although this recipe calls for frozen or canned durian, it is … Required fields are marked. In Thailand, you can find Durian Sticky Rice or, Durian Sticky Rice in Chiang Mai, Thailand, In Vietnam, you will find soft durian cakes made with egg called. Forbidden in hotels in Singapore. If the durian taste is not bearable to you, know that you are not alone. There is no other fruit that inspires much debate amongst visitors to Southeast Asia. Have you learned to enjoy the taste? Open every day, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm every day. But health wise, there should be a limitation for those who are hypertensive. That’s funny!! The ice cream is very fragrant with the sweet smell of Durian and is very creamy too. It’s a popular flavor of ice cream here in Vancouver, though I think it’s an acquired taste, and smell. We love to hear from you, so tell us what you think. but stuck out her little tongue for more and my. It smelled like rotten onions mixed with caramel, so it has been for a long time. The short video below highlights the technique and strength needed to eat the “King of Fruits.”, Make sure to subscribe on Youtube for our latest videos. If you are too skittish to eat it raw, here are a few treats made with Durian that will convince you to give it a try. Durian. Its taste and smell, however, take some getting used … : Hainanese Chicken Rice. Hello Dear Readers! While on our quest for authentic food in Southeast Asia, we could not miss the infamous Durian. I can eat any product with durian (ice cream, pie, candy, etc) just not the actual fruit. It is an acquired taste and one that we enjoyed experiencing. it is actually where we shot the first video That’s funny your family likes Durian but you hate it. On the contrary, I really enjoyed durian ice cream, oddly enough, also in Penang. Thanks, Holly…it’s quite an experience and best experienced in the local country Hope you get there soon. The laughter the face I made elicited in the young vendor was priceless; she even summoned her husband from inside the house to come look at me. Aahh, bummer. Take the time to appreciate the durian taste, even if it means easing into it  with flavored yummy Durian treats and ice-cream. You will find signs reminding you not to transport this pungent smelly fruit with you. The name comes from the Malay word for thorns, durio. There are different varieties of durian and the taste varies from one type to another. It was potent smelling, but honestly, not as bad as I was expecting. We saw durian for the first time in the Philippines while visiting a local farmer’s market in Manilla, Philippines. Let us know in the comments below, how you liked it! 12 Authentic Food Destinations You Want To Experience In A Lifetime. I wish I had, at least just once! Favorite way to keep fit: Cycling. Based on your first photo, the Kanyao variety appears to be the most popular variety of durian! I was not brave enough to try it when I was last in Thailand.