Refined sugar: sugars cause a significant spike in insulin levels. Soy foods: Among women, there has been concern regarding breast cancer risk and soy products. More and more studies are coming out that show our foods and environment are filled with synthetic estrogens. All Forms of Dairy. Eating certain foods can cause your estrogen levels to fluctuate and dominate your progesterone levels. In men, the consumption of soybeans may also cause problems with estrogen levels. Nine Foods To Avoid On A Estrogen Dominance Diet. This is not an 80/20 rule. To avoid this, you can cut the following nine foods out of your diet. You need to avoid these foods … It also leads to a reduction in globulin. These phytoestrogens and other isoflavones mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. What foods should you avoid? 1. Dairy products from goats, sheep, and cows naturally have minimal amounts of different hormones. Both men and women need estrogen for growth and development, but too much estrogen can damage the body. Since estrogen feeds and fuels 80 percent of all breast cancers via estrogen binding to an estrogen receptor on the cell’s surface, the goal of hormone therapy is to reduce estrogen levels in the body (like the aromatase inhibitors do) and to keep it out of the receptors (like tamoxifen does). 4 Foods High In Estrogen to Avoid Estrogen Food #1: Soy. Unfermented Soy (the kind most often used in processed food) is full of anti-nutrients including phytates, trypsin inhibitors, and phytoestrogens. Foods to avoid if you have estrogen dominance; Foods to include if you have estrogen dominance; In section 1 – foods to avoid if you have estrogen dominance – these are the foods you need to avoid. These artificial hormones disrupt the natural endocrine production and create an unhealthy balance of high estrogen and low testosterone.