This type of exercise a wonderful tension reliever, hence the name, and is also great for strengthening the muscles in your … Every home practice session should begin with technical exercises. Below we will show you how to use our Finger Exercise Bookmarks, but first, we want to quickly mention our newest resource, Andrea And Trevor Dow’s Technical Exercises … Once you’ve mastered scales and chords, you’ll be ready for some advanced piano finger exercises. For this you need to close the fingers … Pianists have turned to the Hanon book of piano exercises to help improve their playing for over 150 years. Lisa Witt / Hand Independence De-Stupefy Your Left Hand Train your brain with these techniques for improving your left-hand coordination on the keys! All Piano Exercises; Piano Backing Tracks; Recommended Piano Teaching Books Exercises 1-2-3 Exercises 13-14-15 Exercises 4-5-6 Exercises 16-17-18 Exercises 7-8-9 Exercises 19-20 Exercises 10-11-12 >> Exercise N°1. The ambidextrous Lisa Witt shows us some handy exercises … Exercise N°1 in C. Exercise … But before kids hit the piano they need to warm up their fingers. Squeezing a stress ball is one of the best-known piano finger exercises. This exercise also makes the fingers supple such that they move across the keys of the piano swiftly. Finger Stretches: This need to be done before you even start playing the piano instrument so that the muscles of the fingers are adequately warmed up before the actual playing starts. This book features 60 virtuosic exercises … #1. We've got the top 3 left-hand piano exercises to get you playing your best!