Designed to sit on top of your regular mattress, this Cool Gel Mattress Topper is infused with cooling gel to help regulate temperature as you sleep. However, since cows are significantly heavier than humans and humans don’t need quite as much push back as cows do, the gel is modified for mattresses: in a gel mattress, foam is infused with gel. NON-MEMBER PRICE. Soften up your current mattress with this gel-infused memory foam topper. Free Shipping on Orders Over $19. Gelling Together Credit: Dunelm. This mattress topper is a hybrid: it's a mix of foam and fiberfill for both support and pillowtop comfort. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. 8 8 reviews. Best gel fusion mattress topper: Dunelm's gel fusion memory foam mattress topper 8. Find a mattress topper in our range to add extra comfort to your bed and support you as you sleep. TWIN $101.99 - KING $207.99 Was … This element can come in the shape of a gel pad layer on a gel top mattress, or beneath padded mattress layers. Ella Jayne Gel Fiber Mattress Topper. Read more. The bottom layer is memory foam infused with gel to … The gel used in a gel mattress is the same material used in cow pads—yep, the gel mats that cows sometimes stand on. Memory-foam options mould to your body, providing pressure-point relief, whilst heated designs are gently warming as well as soft. Read more. 41 41 reviews. For an added level of cooling comfort, the entire mattress topper is infused with gel to provide an overall cooler sleep environment than traditional memory foam. TWIN $47.99 - CAL KING $71.99. Gel Fusion Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £99 to … 10 best mattress toppers for a comfortable and well supported sleep. The topper has 4cm of memory foam that moulds to the contours of your body to offer full support. This gel mattress topper from Milliard is a great all-around option that is breathable and has a mid-level density and thickness for a wide range of sleepers. Quite simply, a gel mattress is a mattress featuring gel elements. From the manufacturer. Sale! TWIN $63.99 - CAL KING $95.99 Was TWIN $79.99 - CAL KING $119.99. NON-MEMBER PRICE. However, the gel could also be poured into a memory foam component of the mattress as it sets or be combined in the mattress composition with formed of beads gel. Sleep Philosophy Flexapedic 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper in White. A gel mattress is a mixture of gel and foam in a mattress. For a luxury feel, look to goose or duck down mattress toppers. Features 5-Zoned Comfort Five specialised body zones optimise comfort and help reduce pressure.