There are many broad bean varieties from which to choose, including some that hold an RHS Award of Garden Merit. In case a plant has got infested with aphids its better to move the container to isolated area and spray it. For sowing the seeds it is a good idea to soak the seeds in Amrut Jal for 24 hours. Grow 2-3 plants in a 10 liter containers. Plain water also works fine if you don’t have Amrut Jal. Your broad beans can be planted out once the soil is warmer and the plants have developed a good root system. And this was made simple and exciting, thanks to and its founder Mr Prabal Mallick. Keep the soil moist all the time and never let it dry out. Harvest when the pods are just 6cm long, for the most tender beans. So keep your trellis ready by then. Container Size for Growing Beans. So you need to build a trellis well in time for the plant. All rights reserved. FLASH SALE is happening now till end of this year on our book and video course with discounts up to 50%. Prabal's workshop on organic urban farming is an ideal platform to learn and utilize the methods of preparing organic materials, residues, nutrients and recycling them. So even if you don’t love fava beans your garden loves it. Blackfly - Aphids, particularly Blackfly, are a common problem when growing broad beans. Broad beans, also called fava beans, are a cool-season crop that grows best in temperatures ranging from 60° to 65°F (15-18°C) but fava beans will grow in temperatures as low as 40°F (4.4°C) and as warm as 75°F (24°C). Best eaten freshly picked, home-grown crops have a far superior flavour to those found in supermarkets. The summer course on Urban Farming organised by Prabal and Shweta was just what I needed. Don't forget to 'harden them off' and acclimatise them to outdoor conditions prior to planting. Learning tried and tested methods from Prabal's and Shweta's own experience as successful organic gardeners filled the gap in my understanding. Being self sufficient has always been a goal in my life and this course has helped me to take a huge step towards my goal. If you prefer to start your broad bean plants in the greenhouse, they can be sown into module trays or small pots. Sow broad beans in spring or autumn, in rows 20cm apart. If the soil is frozen outdoors then sowing in the greenhouse is a far better option. Plants and gardens have always been a big part of my life. If it's black, the beans have passed their best and will be tough and chewy when eaten. Now I am more confident on growing more fruits and vegetables; All thanks to and the guidance of Prabal Bhai. So check your plant regularly for aphid attack. I am back into gardening with renewed vigour and am looking forward to a bumper harvest this season. You can choose between one month, three months and life time access to the course. Place the seeds (Use 2 seeds for every mark. Thank you Prabal garu for your reply. These can be pinched out and the plants sprayed with a suitable insecticide. It was a genuinely interactive and participatory workshop where we covered a wide gamut of topics through hands on practice. Both Shweta and Prabal are extremely knowledgeable, competent and exude confidence that comes from experience. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Prabal Mallick is an IIT Kharagpur Graduate of 2002 batch. Now make 3/4 inch to 1 inch holes in the soil using one of your fingers. The pods should be “shelled” and the individual beans removed and eaten. When this happens you can try to germinate the seeds in a bottle. A perfect potting medium for the broad beans is the one which is fertilized well and is well-drained.