But vocals sound kind of strange. NOT a closet) with a good microphone, and. Definitely a mastering "issue". Despacito is one song i'm using because while the song isnt that much my cup of tea, it just sounds right. I've recently bought a set of HD800S and a HDVD800. Archived. One good example of an excellent large diaphragm condenser mic is an Audio-Technica AT2035. And while all the instruments are absolutely perfect, the vocals sound a little flat and quiet. While I won't disagree with your point about them being extremely revealing of flaws in songs, there's much more to headphones than simply just brushing them off because they "are not meant to be enjoyable". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Or at least partially. Next, reduce (turn down) frequencies in the range between 140Hz and 400Hz. It can be a polarizing headphone if you don't know what to expect. It is not like the HD600 or HD650 at all. 4. This is my first "high end" set of headphones. Reducing is regarded as being much more effective and usually does the trick. Review of the Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphone, Preventing the muffled sound by recording without effects, in an open space (i.e. Do not apply effects while you are recording! Posted by 2 years ago. This is a symptom of headphones with an ultra-wide soundstage. So much of what sounds good comes with having a good ear and knowing your music. If you find that one or more of these recorded effects is causing the voice to sound muffled, then there isn't much you can do. Sometimes, you get a muffled vocal sound by using a common live-performance mic like a Shure SM58. Your email address will not be published. It's most likely headphones with an included microphone and a button to take calls. But if those reductions don't get you the clarity you want, CAREFULLY experiment with increasing some of the higher frequencies. Is this just because I'm used to listening on shitty headphones that are dynamically tuned to amplify vocals and bass too much? This can add a bit of sparkle or air to a voice. log in sign up. This can be caused by a number of different things, such as not using the correct mic for the singer (yes, some mics that sound awesome on one person may not sound good on someone else). Just reducing the low and low-mid frequencies should do the trick. Required fields are marked *, What To Do About Muffled Vocals - Improve Voice Clarity. Because the HD800 and HD800S have a certain sound to them, and it's really hard to tell from your description if they're sounding right and simply not what you expected, or if they're sounding wrong. This can be caused by a number of different things, such as not using the correct mic for the singer (yes, some mics that sound awesome on one person may not sound good on someone else). Solutions: Pull the plug a little bit out and play around till you hear voices; Press the button and the cord of your earphones -> fix it with tape; Get proper headphones (not for smartphones) cheap ones might cost you $2-5 I don't normally recommend adding (turning up the volume) energy anywhere on the EQ to fix a problem since that can cause more problems than it fixes. 3. For a really good quick lesson on what a frequency is, see our post: Good Equalization and Frequency Basics. If we can prevent the sound of muffled vocals to begin with, that would be ideal. You can find … Generally speaking, the best kind of microphone for recording clear sounding vocals is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. The description of your older headphones bass sounding like mud does lean me towards thinking you are used to the artificially punchy nature of higher distortion. I bought the HD600s a while back because I absolutely loved their natural aspect and ability to reproduce neutrally almost any sound that I threw at them. You can get that vocal clarity by making sure you record with a decent microphone in a decent space. I can still hear what they're saying but they sound a bit too quiet compared to the rest of the song. Other than this the best thing I've used is some midrange AKG over ear stuff. Another range to try boosting is the 9-10 KHz area.