Tips on getting a thicker wrist area. You can still do knee push ups (but still on your knuckles) and work your way up to 20 to 30 reps sets. At some point, I trained my forearms and wrists to wear bigger watches. Keep those thumbs outside your wrists though; you don’t want to hurt yourself. Not because the exercise hurts per se, but because the floor is so hard and you have your all weight resting on your two innocent fists. But since it’s not very healthy, and probably not what you’re after anyway, I really wouldn’t advise you to go that route. They’re not very deep - you can see the radial artery pulsing under the skin. Building strength and thickness in your wrists is a matter of finding the right exercises that will build strength and flexibility, then committing to a training regimen that works for you. every 2 months my right arm from wrist to elbow turns purple, my dr said if i was on blood thinners that would be answer, but not on blood thinners, dr did blood work red blood count borderline on high platets are fine why is arm doing this? Place a light weight in that hand, then slowly lower the weight toward the floor. To do those curls and extensions, you can work with dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells, they all serve the same purpose: asking your arms and wrist to grab something heavy and lift it. You can't actually strengthen a joint, however, the bones of the joint become denser and you can certainly strengthen the muscles around it. "It gave me a better solution. Thank you.". At the curl station, instead of bringing the bar all the way up as you would in a bicep curl, flex your wrists to bring the bar up. But if that bothers you, here are some tips. Do this regularly a few times throughout the day and you should begin to notice a difference in a week or two. Stand with your arms at your sides, holding a dumbbell in one hand, then tilt the dumbbell towards the ceiling and slowly lower it down. This article received 16 testimonials and 89% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Yes and no. (Click here if you want to know exactly what is the average wrist size for a man.). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. There are actually ways to deal with your small wrists when you love watches that don’t actually require you to train or exercise. hide. On to the heavy stuff. Other means for creating strong wrists include carrying dumbbells as you walk, using strength-gripping tools (for squeezes) regularly and climbing (such as indoor rock climbing). Your palm should be facing up, and your hand should be aligned with your arm. Both will make your forearm work so it’s up to you and what exercise you can actually do. Count to fifteen. It’s not unhealthy. I am very lucky that I got this in time. Because they are so thin, their forearms appear to be bigger than they actually are. Slow and steady wins the race, remember? If you feel your wrists are too small or skinny and want to have bigger wrists, here is what I learned. Wrist curls with a barbell or dumbbells work the forearm muscles. if you dont do it already, exercise and tone your body. It’s pretty much the same mechanics than the previous exercise types, with the added benefit of being able to work your forearms anytime, anywhere (I like to do it in front of some YouTube videos). Thanks, wikiHow. Keep reading if you want to learn other stretches and exercises from our Personal Trainer co-author! i have never seen really thick wrists on someone of normal weight. ", "I now know some of the effective methods that help in strengthening my wrists. ", "This article is amazing. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. What you can do is to get thicker forearms. Pull ups work your upper back a lot, and enhances your standing position. It takes time and effort, and the results are minimal. Do these until your wrists get tired. 478 comments. This is one of the great sites to help the world. Any heavy lift or exercise that involves squeezing a bar really hard with a lot of weight attached to it (weight plates or, well, yourself) will make your forearms work and grow. Climbing helps build wrist strength, too, and just carrying heavy dumbbells at your sides will also build wrist strength. % of people told us that this article helped them. This is why its almost impossible for your wrists to grow in size. Other great exercises for strengthening hands include pull-ups, push-ups and bar hangs. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. You’ll have to grab it even harder so that it doesn’t slip: an added bonus for your goal. I recommend getting this set of 5 resistance loop bands with a carrying pouch (on Amazon). The short answer to this question is: not really. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. But if you’re up to try it, then here are the 4 simple exercise types I did. While this does not mean you are unhealthy but may leave you feeling self-conscious about your thinner wrists. This set of 2 push ups handles (Amazon link) is the one I recommend. Maybe some people noticed them and made fun of you (sad people, really). Thank you very much! These could include hand circles and wrist flexions and extensions. Line up one or two plates from the weight machine on the ground, perpendicular with the ground. It’s not much of a difference on the paper by any means, but they felt a bit thicker. You can train at home, anytime: a real no-brainer in my book. is there a quick and effective way to make my wrists and ankles thinner If you’re not used to exercising with weights, ease into it slowly and be sure to follow the advice of a personal trainer or your doctor. I tried it for couple of months, and I can feel the change in my wrists. Is there anything that can be done? Try 10 or 15 reps at three sets. Because you have to squeeze your fists hard to stay balanced, this exercise will work your forearms and wrists a lot more. These are your typical exercises to grow any part of your body; your forearms and wrists are no exception. If you can’t do full body push ups, that’s okay. Maybe you don’t feel confident about your skinny wrists. Get on your hands and knees and place your hands flat on the ground with your fingers pointing back toward your body. For instance, try holding a 5-7 pound dumbbell with your palm facing downward, then lift your wrist 20-50 times. Size change will not be overly successful, as you are limited by your frame size. I’m not a personal trainer or doctor, so always get proper advice or help from professionals, if you decide to train. Laila is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), USA Powerlifting (USAPL), and she is a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). Grab a dumbbell, then stand with your arms at your side. They feel to, "wikiHow has helped me a lot. It’s just the way things are. The Slender Wrist also participates in affiliate programs with other sites. To get bigger wrists, you can do curls and extensions, knuckle pushups, any exercise asking to squeeze your wrist hard (pull ups, chin ups and, deadlifts) or using hand grips. can the wrist get thicker and wider after you're done growing and if so how?