The banana also soaks up the excess smoke relatively quickly so you can eat it afterwards for an extra boost. Alright so this basically boils down to the same thing with most of the smokable fruits and vegetables  – take a pencil shove it all the way through the long part of the fruit. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Like the ideas shared here very much. Baguettes are a common item across France, some parts of Canada and almost every bakery and pastry shop. Image Source: Imgur Scissors — you will need scissors to make a hole in the bottle. Experienced cannabis content creator, writing about the latest cannabis news, stock market updates and cannabis culture. Duck tape — you will need the duck tape to make the plastic bottle airs tight. Of course, making your own pieces comes with its own risk. I’ve never built a bong out of Legos, so I can’t verify how effective this piece actually is, but there are many videos on YouTube on how to construct one, so it must work pretty well. If you can find a thin piece of bamboo (about 2 inches wide) cut it up so that one end is plugged by the sort-of wood membrane bamboo has, and the other end cleanly cut off — as this will be the mouthpiece. Tremendous ways of creating pipes in order to make the smoking fabulous and enjoyable. This is pretty much the same deal as The Toilet Bowl, except for the cloth part, as you don’t have to plug on end. Image Source: WikiHow This is perhaps the easiest one to make. Cut a piece of wood of the size you are going to need for your pipe design. Make sure it isn’t too close to the top or the bottom of the bottle. The caps acts as the shotgun and if you lose the cap you will have to use your finger and it takes away the disguise!!! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All Rights Reserved. Are you a baguette fan? Image Source: WikiHow Drill a hole on the side of an empty Tic-Tac container, use a regular downstem, or a pen if you don’t have one. How to Make Pot Brownies: World’s Best Weed Brownie Recipe, How to Smoke Weed Without Papers (10 Alternatives to Rolling Papers), Cannabis Infused Cosmetics: 5 Easy DIY Recipes, 4 Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipes (That Will Make You Even More Popular with Friends), How to Decarb Weed The Right Way (Temperature Chart), How to Make Cannabutter (Classic Recipe for Super-Strong Cannabutter), One-and-done pipes which are not to be reused. You can bend round or square pipes based on where you place the pipe in the pipe bender and the location of the bends. Check out our cheap bongs. A complete guide of smoking marijuana with several types of pipes. To make the stem of the simple bong pen pipe is the best choice. There you will find many parts that you can screw together to make a basic metal pipe. The other way to do this is by making an inch wide hole on the bottom part of the Pringles box and put some aluminum foil in the hole and stick the end of the aluminum outside the hole with some tape, most commonly used is the gray duct tape. For a grommet, you can use a rubber washer, or either modeling clay or electrical tape if you don’t have one available. A pen pipe — A pen pipe is a great material for making a stem of the bong. You can substitute any small steel shaft for a push stick. Cover the hole in foil, then poke holes in the foil. Image Credit: Kenzie Mastroe Even if you're not a tobacco lover, a corn cob pipe makes a fun accessory for snowmen in … Due to this resistance to rust, such pipe can be used as a permanent mast for flying a flag, where untreated steel pipe must be removed periodically and replaced with new pipe to replace a rusty, corroded section. The frost pipe requires buying a kit online, but again it’s very easy to make, once you have the kit and follow the instructions. Then, make another 2 holes that are perpendicular to the tube, and connect them so that smoke may go through. DIY: How to Make a Homemade Bubbler Pipe. The liquor bottle bong requires using a drill, so make sure that you take all recommended safety precautions. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Make a little indent on the place where the bowl is and widen it a bit and start packing that sticky icky. What is kief and how to collect and use it? Take a fresh apple, poke a hole in the side for the mouthpiece and carve out the top for the bowl. A favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, the gravity bong is great for conserving your supply and fun at parties!