snapping shrimp) recording from open ocean; recording of large animals (e.g. I also have a mic in each of the pc's in the 3.5mm spots. The reason for the problem, and the solution, is as described in the article above. You have almost certainly recorded out-of-phase mono audio as a single stereo track in your videos. Try It As A Contact Microphone. Even though a hydrophone is optimized for listening to underwater sounds… whales) recording from ocean with mechanical noise pollution. This applies to everything except for windows 7 operating system sounds, such as alerts, or the startup jingle, or when I am playing halflife2/counterstrike the ingame sounds … High frequencies emphasized, not filtered, etc. The issue I'm having is that the game audio sounds like junk and its underwater while the voice from the Mic sounds perfect. I'd like to ask you folks what your tricks are for getting that underwater-quality to a sound? recording from a river/stream; recording of small animals (e.g. What's sound design limited to < 1k?!?! Grab a microphone, put it over a glas of water, blow gently a straw into it, record … Sucky sound design. Anyone … Audio distorted, tinny, sounds like its underwater or.. is almost completely inaudible. When listened to on a mono device (like … And here is where the fun starts. Record player playing underwater, rolling of highs (and/or boosting lows) is a good start. Inspired by a recent conversation on the listserv, I'm reworking the game to sound more like underwater actually sounds. Personally I would layer a sound over that creating the water bubble effect/ambiance.