The thread is not moving down at all :( The timing is spinning, but can't catch the thread because it is not moving an inch. To learn how to wield that screwdriver and other tools you need to repair a Janome machine just keep reading our article. How to Clean Rusty Sewing Machine Easily (Helpful Guide), What Is a Spool Pin Felt Used For? The first is that you put the needle backward. This is a brief troubleshooting guide for a Janome sewing machine. If not, you may want to check with a qualified technician to see what other solutions there are available to you. The key to cleaning this portion of your sewing machine is the warranty. Easy fix. Or the bobbin is in backward. It has put the information you need to know in this handy little guide. Make sure the needle is the correct one for the fabric being sewed 6. Warped needle 8. I have also attended local classes (usually free) that helped me a lot. Or if not, you may have to pay $65 for a new one. No matter how good of quality the machine is. This happens more often than you realize and a simple cleaning should get you back on track. Your bobbin thread cannot leave the case and this will not allow the bobbin thread to meet in the middle of the fabric with the upper thread. The Janome website refers you to your owner’s manual for the right procedure to follow every time you want to service your Janome sewing machine. These are not the only issues that stop the bobbin from turning but they are the most common ones. The first thing you should do is check to see if you have the correct bobbin size in your bobbin area. The dealer or repairman will have to replace that for you. If you are not under warranty you can try checking the wires to see if they are loose or frayed. Model number###-##-####I bought it around 1985/6 from a Wanganui Janome specialist. You did not say if you still had your manuals (these do seem to disappear sometimes). Older sewing machines are easier to fix than newer ones. Re-insert the needle and secure by tightening the needle clamp screw. If a Janome Decor Computer DC3050 isn't picking up the spool thread can it be fixed easily or is there likely to be a major problem? Pushing heavy thread through a small needle eye can cause thread shredding or broken needles. Related Questions1AnswerWont pickup bobbin thread when sewing.Make sure you are using a brand new needle. I have the Janome Sewist 521. The Janome website for servicing your sewing machine says for you to contact your local Janome dealer if you do not have a manual and they will order one for you. Is your machine the type that you have to disengage the needle to fill the bobbin? If those fixes do not do it for you then go to a repairman and see what they can find out. Plus, you do not have to worry about the warranty like you do 2with newer machines. Flag, Share on FacebookShare on Google+Share on TwitterShare on PinterestShare by EmailPrint NowYour Answer. If the wires are loose or frayed either tighten them up or replace the wires if you can. It is best to go to a dealer even with simple fixes when your warranty is in force. They can also help you learn how to keep your machine running in tip-top shape all the time. The machine won’t go into reverse if you just press and release the switch. Janome Bobbin Thread Not Catching. In this case, just replace the needle. It also focuses on keeping your bobbin area clean and changing the needle after 8 hours of service. Needle is not properly set all the way into position and is dropping too low into the bobbin case. Finally, take your sewing machine to an authorized dealer or repair shop and have them do a tune-up for you every year. One thing you have to be careful of is voiding your warranty. Then peer inside and see if there is a build-up of lint and dirt. That is the most common option when it comes to fixing the foot pedal. I have the Janome Sewist 521. Eventually, it wears down and stops working. 3) Your bobbin falls down, almost to that soft surface you held it over. Let a repairman handle that task. Finally, check the inner wheel to see if that can help solve your problem. I just think it would be a good idea to get to know some of these people as they have classes and postings all the time. It is not possible to give you disassembling instructions for every Janome sewing machine model. Pull both threads to the back or reverse the bobbin and needle. Needle goes down but the bottom with the bobbin thread is not moving and therefor thread is not being picked up :(. Everything else works fine. Now if your sewing machine is computerized, you may have to unplug it and let it reset itself. Then you are done after a few minutes of work. Janome Decor DC3050 Not Picking Up the Bobbin Thread. Just click this link to get to one such location. This could simply be an electrical problem and the simplest fix is to check to see if it is plugged in. Unfortunately, that company makes too many different models to effectively describe how to fix them here. It really does not matter as the stores usually have very good trained personnel that can help solve a problem like this as it could be more than one thing causing the trouble. Bent/damaged/dull needles frequently will fail to pick up the thread. If you press and hold it and the machine doesn't go in reverse, you may have a faulty switch. This is more of a problem for older sewing machines. After that check your needle clamp if the previous solution doesn't solve the problem. If you have done that, you may need to ask a repairman to look at it for you. My Janome sewing machine is catching the thread in the bobbin area and shredding it. In this case, make sure you press the reverse stitch switch and hold it down. How old is it? The first place to look to find the cause of your trouble is your foot pedal. But be careful you may be dinged with a $150 service fee. Then this company makes all Janome owner’s manuals free of charge. If you are under warranty you may be able to get a new one for free. Double-check the positioning and snap it back into place and that should do the trick. This may be a temporary solution but it might help you complete your workload in a timely manner before investigating the problem further.