ON SALE AUGUST 2020 COVER BY Paul Renaud But why is the Surfer joining the Secret Defenders alongside Doctor Strange, Thunderstrike and War Machine? Collecting IMMORTAL HULK #31-35. 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99, BLACK CAT #12 GAME VARIANT COVER ALSO AVAILABLE Should the Xavier Institute be rebuilt? DAN SLOTT (W) • PACO MEDINA (A) It’s clear that with this publishing schedule Marvel wants to make sure that Empyre is concluded by the end of September. DONNY CATES (W) • NIC KLEIN (A) Find out here! These powerful stories from Marvel's 80-year history feature iconic heroes tackling heavy-hitting subjects including drug abuse, teen suicide, HIV, terrorism, school shootings and more. ISBN: 978-1-302-92522-2 But where does that leave Gert? With astounding art from HULK veteran Dale Keown and up-and-comer Germán Peralta, Maestro will answer questions that have haunted Hulk fans for years — and inspire some new ones. • We are one month from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN LGY #850 and it is going to be a doozy. Click for full view for Wolverine #4 cover. And he's going to save us all, or your money back! Even if the Quiet Council is made up by some of the people Wolverine is extremely close to the pull to follow his own code may become too great. Cover by Juan JOSÉ Ryp But before we reach that big storyline Spider-Man will have to deal with the resurrected Sin Eater. USE DIAMOND CODE APR201089, RUNAWAYS BY RAINBOW ROWELL VOL. USE DIAMOND CODE MAR201009, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 As the X-Men take the long road home, they face Moses Magnum and the debut of Alpha Flight! Yes, there was another Hulk once — the one who made all those nasty threats about ending the world. 1 TPB (ON SALE 9/9/20) Guest-starring Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil and the macabre Man-Thing! The classic tale from definitive Hulk writer Peter David and legendary artist George Pérez, HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT (1992) #1-2, is presented in all its gamma-powered glory! Captain Marvel has stepped into the role of accuser in the newly unified Kree/Skrull Empire. Meanwhile, thinking her teammates killed in the battle, Jean Grey mourns their loss — and heads for Muir Island. VARIANT COVER BY Sara Pichelli As the pounding drums spell doom, the torment is only beginning for Spider-Man and Dr. Curt Connors! GREG PAK (W) • RAFFAELE IENCO (A) with MARK GRUENWALD, RALPH MACCHIO & ROGER STERN PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON (W) • ARIEL OLIVETTI (A) COVER BY Mike Henderson HICKMAN AND REIS TAKE ON THE WORLD! Collecting SECOND COMING: PREPARE, X-MEN: SECOND COMING #1-2, UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #523-525, NEW MUTANTS (2009) #12-14, X-MEN: LEGACY (2008) #235-237 and X-FORCE (2008) #26-28. But there are more secrets than what lies beyond the grave… Join Swordsman and his son, Quoi, as they embark on a journey of discovery here on Earth – one they can't walk back from! Cover by RYAN OTTLEY USE DIAMOND CODE APR201116, AVENGERS BY JONATHAN HICKMAN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. USE DIAMOND CODE APR201102, MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN: THE BLACK CAT STRIKES TPB ISBN: 978-1-302-92252-8 392 PGS./Rated T+ …$34.99 1 TPB 120 PGS./Rated T+ …$34.99 NEW MUTANTS OMNIBUS VOL. But the real grudge match begins when the Spirits of Vengeance and Corruption face off! We see that with how Marvel is also planning on dumping several issues of a good portion of the Empyre tie-in mini-series for various characters and teams. See Marvel Comics' comic book, graphic novel and merchandise solicitations for August 2020 including Fantastic Four, Maestro, Marvel Tales and more. The Fantastic Four take on an army of foes during a congressional hearing! ON SALE AUGUST 2020 cover by EDUARD PETROVICH ISBN: 978-1-302-92372-3 Luckily, Damage Control is around to pick up the pieces! Peter David and Dale Keown Reunite To Tell How Immortal Hulk Becomes Future … EXCALIBUR #11 MAESTRO #1 (OF 5) Penciled by GENE COLAN, STEVE GAN, TOM SUTTON & MORE Don't bet on it! X-MEN EPIC COLLECTION: PROTEUS TPB (ON SALE 8/26/20), FOC 7/13/20 BLACK CAT #12 Experience some of the greatest stories the X-Men franchise has to offer! • In a war where nobody can be fully trusted, betrayal cuts deep — as the alien invasion claims its first casualty! AVENGERS BY JONATHAN HICKMAN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. TOMB OF DRACULA: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. FALLEN ANGELS BY BRYAN HILL VOL. 160 PGS./Rated T …$17.99 Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2018) #37-42. MARVEL ZOMBIES VARIANT COVER BY KHOI PHAM FEB201004 X-MEN #11, POSTERS 256 PGS./Rated T+ …$34.99 Trim size: 6 x 9 • In this issue: The shock ending you never expected! And then some. This anthology series shines a spotlight on fan-favorite characters, features timeless stories and highlights some of our most impressive talent from the past eight decades. ALEX PAKNADEL (W) • Alex Lins (A) Collecting RUNAWAYS (2017) #25-31. To INFINITY CRUSADE —and beyond! Sometimes all you need is the right agent, in the right place, with the willingness to get the job done. Cover by PAUL RENAUD Collecting ANT-MAN (2020) #1-5. Cover by Rod Reis KELLY THOMPSON (W) • KEVIN LIBRANDA (A) Is mutantkind's greatest enemy the prejudice of humans or the cold artificial intelligences that await a hundred — even a thousand — years from now? THE RED TAVERN! Avenger must battle Defender as the alchemist Diablo casts cards from the deck of fate, pitting hero against hero for his own nefarious purposes! Plus: Meet Weasel (the weapons guy) and Blind Al (Wade's roommate…and prisoner?!) USE DIAMOND CODE APR201064, THE UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS VOL. VARIANT COVER BY TBA She has been as important to the success of the Captain America comics as Steve Rogers. Perhaps the most deadly foe Scott has ever faced! 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Trim size: oversized USE DIAMOND CODE APR200877, EMPYRE: X-MEN #4 (OF 4) You can catch up with all of Kevin’s thoughts about comics, anime, TV shows, movies and more over on Twitter. As chaos spreads, the two groups find themselves confronted by the most unlikely characters in Marvel history! BENJAMIN PERCY (W) • JOSHUA CASSARA (A) BOUNTY HUNTERS #4 STAR COMICS: TOP DOG – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. • Following a mysterious vision he received on CLOUD CITY, Luke travels to a lost planet looking for a woman he believes may hold the key to his Jedi future and that of the entire Rebellion. USE DIAMOND CODE MAR201108, STAR COMICS: TOP DOG — THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. JORGE MOLINA (A) • cover by Kyle Hotz The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa – and may be aligned with Xeno. Empire Strikes Back Variant COVER by CHRIS SPROUSE MAR201074 Can Mister Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor and Beast join Iron Man in saving the Multiverse — or is everything destined to die? USE DIAMOND CODE MAR201050, CAPTAIN AMERICA #21 Will Captain America and his allied soldiers be able to stop this terrain behemoth… JED MACKAY (W) • Carlos Villa (A) • His new target? Author of The Flying Friar, Holed Up, The Avengefuls, Doctor Who: Room With A Deja Vu, The Many Murders Of Miss Cranbourne, Chase Variant.