You simply select the mic via your preferences using either iMovie or Photo Booth. The MXL Tempo is a USB condenser microphone that you can connect directly to your computer using the included USB cable without any additional hardware. I am a music engineer and I mostly record this genre of music. Click Here To Check Price: 4: MXL Tempo USB … MXL microphones are the result of world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Unfortunately, that isn’t always realistic. This can pose quality issues as these built-in audio interfaces are not always as good as a dedicated external audio interface. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The idea of a USB mic is that it eliminates the external audio interface from the audio chain as it has a built-in audio interface. MXL Tempo USB Condenser Microphone Review. I loved using the Tempo. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This can be very helpful in many situations where you just want to record a quick podcast or have a voice call online or just to enhance the audio of your laptop without carrying around a bulk of equipment. Continue Reading New MXL 770x Condenser Microphone : Should I buy it? The microphone is automatically detected on the iPad with no setup required, and can be setup within moments on a Mac through the Sound preference pane. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I liked almost every aspect of the Tempo. The Tempo is available in two colors (either black and red or silver and black), and is available directly from MXL for $79.95 (although it is available for as little as $58 with free shipping at You need to get very close to the mic (about 4 inches) in order for your voice to get picked up clearly. And with a retail cost of just $80, it’s also quite affordable. For many of us, part of producing great audio is the challenge of finding gear that will do the job without breaking the bank. Building on the huge popularity and success of its predecessor MXL … Another especially useful feature on the Tempo is a no-latency audio jack, allowing you to monitor the audio you’re recording in real time. You can decide the purpose you want to use a USB mic for. MXL 550 Condenser Mic Review MXL 550 Microphone is a small diaphragm, pressure gradient condenser mic. This mic comes in a standard retail package that includes: The mic stand included is almost useless as it is very short to raise the mic to the speaker’s mouth and if you just put in the table, you get a very low level of your voice while picking up a lot of room noise and echo. Three color options are available: (WR) white body with red grill, (KR) black body with red grill and (SK) silver body with black grill. I tested this microphone with several different types of audio, from recording my own speaking voice to capturing folk music from my guitar, and while I’m no audiophile, It seemed to perform extremely well with every sort of audio I subjected it to, including using it to dictate text on the new iPad. I didn’t try this with high vocals – but as a general rule mics like this are intended for the spoken word. Required fields are marked *. New MXL 770x Condenser Microphone : Should I buy it? Your email address will not be published. The MXL Tempo has a cardioid pickup pattern which means it captures audio from the front of the mic and tries to block audio from other directions. It does a great job of recording without any setup or tuning, is solid enough that I never worried about its durability, works flawlessly with  both my Mac and my iPad, and is small enough (about 7.5″ tall) and light enough to take it anywhere I need it to go. The MXL Tempo is a true condenser microphone with easy USB plug and play connectivity with any Mac® or PC. You can tell this is true from the description of the mic on the official MXL site where it mentions compatibility with USB 1.1 and lists Google Talk as service you can use this mic with. This is an MXL Fan’s Blog. It has a high-fidelity headphone jack for monitoring, and a slim design for making recordings on the go a breeze. And because of it’s lightweight all-metal construction it’s also light enough and portable enough to take it anywhere you need to go. Another important note to mention is the built in headphone jack which meant to allow you to monitor your voice in real time as you record. Lightweight and easy to connect, it provides high-quality, 16-bit/48 kHz audio, ideal for singing, speech, podcasts, web chats, dictation, legal depositions, and more. This site is NOT Affiliated with MXL in any way. Five Charged After Chinese Teen Swaps His Kidney For An iPad. Buy MXL TempoKR USB Condenser Microphone (Black/Red) featuring For Mobile Vocal Recording, Ideal for Singing and Speech, 16-Bit/48 kHz Resolution Capture, Cardioid Polar Pattern, 1/8" Headphone Monitoring Jack, Lightweight, Easy to Connect, USB-Powered, Includes Desktop Tripod Stand, Mac, Windows. On the other hand, if you want to record a podcast, you shouldn’t get this mic because it’s a condenser which means it a lot more sensitive and will pick up all sounds around you. It’s yet another nice-sounding, low-price, entry-level studio mic that comes in a kit along with its smaller companion, the 551 for instruments. Your email address will not be published. It’s also worth noting that, while the Tempo performed very well while recording both voice and guitar music, it is designed with vocal recording in mind, so it likely wouldn’t perform well for particularly loud noises, nor percussive noises like a drum. What worries me also about the quality of the audio of the MXL Tempo USB is that it seems it’s a fairly old technology. It does a great job at a great price. However, considering that it’s specifically marketed as being iPad-compatible, I couldn’t help but feel that they should have included an iPad adapter, such as one of the many inexpensive third-party adapters available on the web. If you’re like most people with an interest in audio, you probably daydream about fitting out a plush studio furnished with the latest and greatest gear. The MXL Tempo ($58, Amazon) takes things to a new level, allowing you to connect the mic to your iPad for recording on the go.