This rating is based on order volume, order accuracy, on-time deliveries, customer feedback, and overall customer satisfaction. Plagued immediately by directorial problems, clashes between the actors, underwritten back story lines and on location difficulties, it is probably a miracle that Nighthawks got completed at all. ... but most viewers only notice "Brown Sugar." "Brown Sugar" was used prominently in the 1981 film Nighthawks as background music for the scene in which New York police detectives played by Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams search a crowded disco for a terrorist (Rutger Hauer). Menu. Movies. Nighthawks is, by nearly all accounts, a film that should have probably been a failure. Factory restores the use of both Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones and I'm a Man by Keith Emerson. Nighthawks is located in the Kingfield neighborhood in Minneapolis every day … I hope Nighthawks gets discussed in the next podcast at length. During that time they've accumulated 1,237 ratings, and earned themselves a 98.2% Mealeo Happy-Factor Rating. Nighthawks is a great 80s crime thriller, in a similar vein to Dirty Harry and the French Connection (Nighthawks was originally going to be called "The French Connection III"), made in 1981 Nighthawks is one of Stallone's early films, made when he was a rising … Nighthawks has been a Mealeo partner since April of 2020. Little Richard covered the song while he … Chart Success of “Brown Sugar” This classic performed … Rolling Stone magazine placed this song at the 495th position on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The widescreen DVD release from Universal substitutes two songs during the disco shootout. To bad though man that “Brown Sugar” from the Stones was axed, seeing how it is a killer tune. Nighthawks is a modern take on the classic American diner. Just thinking about the subway chase scene “You’re fucking dead, you motherfucker!” threat from Sly brings me tears of happiness. In 1981, the song featured in the movie, Nighthawks, starring Sylvester Stallone. Nighthawks serves delicious cocktails, updated versions of classic fare with some twists, great-straight forward wines, and craft beer.