Let’s dive into the world of mocktails and explore some techniques to level up your non-alcoholic cocktails. However, that doesn’t mean that these cocktails drinks will cost you less at the bar. However, when you order this drink ensure that you order it “virgin”. – David Smith, bar manager at The Anchor Inn at Seatown, Dorset. Any non-alcoholic cocktails that are low sugar that a bartender will normally serve in the type of glasses alcoholic beverages are served in? Because at the end of the day, if you like something, you should just order it, and to hell with sophistication. Studies continue to show that the number of health-conscious drinkers continues to increase. * Baptist Boilermaker — a cup of coffee served with a glass of seltzer water. If you struggle with creating new virgin recipes, then you’re in for a real treat! * Boston cooler – ginger ale and ice cream. Image by honey_and_milk. Thus, you can easily savor the taste of a tropical drink without the alcoholic feel in it. Let’s start with the basics. 7 Incredible Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. Every popular bar serves the pina colodas drink. This is a pretty common cooler which most of the bars have in stock. And everyone leaves with a thanks for coming gift. Dry January needn't make you a social pariah – order one of these mocktails at the bar and no one will know that you're off the sauce. * Arnold Palmer – iced tea and lemonade. And this has helped to lead to more low-proof drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails becoming more popular. Otherwise any beverage which does not contain alcohol is suitable. Everyone comes dressed up and there will be poker and a bunch of casino games, but instead of cashing in chips for money cash them in for prizes the more you have the better ect. When I order diet soft drinks or seltzer water, the bartenders put it into this big soft-drink glass that's awkward to carry around in a bar while socializing. But first… What Is a Mocktail? Usually if the bartender knows you are the designated driver, there is no charge involved. For my sweet 16 I am doing a casino/coctail party theme. 9) Watermelon and strawberry drink. London's first alcohol-free cocktail bar opened in Covent Garden in December 2018. Non-Alcoholic drinks that you would order at a bar or cocktail party? Just because the cocktail no longer contains a spirit doesn’t mean it can’t be crafted with your bar expertise! I like plain soda with a twist of lime. It's a sea change that's making its way around the world.