to help keep your belongings neat. Learn more. Worry no more. Available in select zip codes or locations. Copyright © Publix Asset Management Company 2020. Visit Us 784 Locklies Creek Rd Topping, VA 23169 Map Get in Touch. The most daunting, but necessary task is, without a doubt, organizing your kitchen. Stainless steel w/handle. Oyster enthusiasts and beginners alike will appreciate an ergonomically designed and easily handled oyster knife - it'll help make any task easier. All Rights Reserved. Item prices vary from in-store prices. ©2020 Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. and its subsidiaries. Perfect for your … Made in China. Leave it to Charlestonians to make sure you have the best oyster knife, and are treated with southern hospitality. The soft handles won't slip in your hand, even when wet. Product packaging, labeling, formulations and ingredient sourcing can change at any time and Publix may not receive up-to-date information regarding such changes; thus, Publix cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and you should not rely on this information. The information listed originates from the manufacturer or government publications and reflects the most recent information provided by such entities. When it comes to shucking oysters, performance and safety are paramount. If you need service or you would like to find a service center in your area for service parts of accessories, please Contact Us Let me explain: A French oyster knife works great on the native european oyster which is often opened from the side. We offer multiple wholesales arrangements and ship all over the world. These shucking knives have bent tips and a sturdy blade to make prying open shells a snap. But it’s gone beyond just. 226 Reviews. All knives are American made and all products are backed by the Cutco Forever Gurantee. Charleston Shucker Company is the original shop for personalized oyster and fish fillet knives. Get $100 in rewards when you spend $300 online or in store thru 11/30. Stainless steel w/handle. Made in China. With potentially wet or slippery oysters, nonslip materials offer a bit more stability, while sturdy handles made of hardy wood help enable a firm hold. OYSTER KNIVES Murphy shellfish knives are the recognized leaders in the industry. Made with the finest cutlery steel, the blades are uniformly hardened and taper ground. Service fees may apply. Additional nutrition information available upon request. Rating 4 to 5. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. 226. In fact, OXO is so determined to make your daily tasks easier, they guarantee them for life. That's right! Oyster Knife (1) Paper Towel Holder. Featuring OXO can openers, OXO measuring cups, and other OXO kitchen tools, not only will you know they’ll work, they’ll be comfortable and easy to use as well. Another option to help avoid clutter and keep organized are OXO adjustable drawer bins, which help to give everything a home this way you can avoid the well-known “junk drawer” that exists in every house. Pie Plate/Server (1) Price. Rather, you are encouraged to read the product labels to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information. $10 Gift Card with Every $30 OXO Kitchen Gadget Purchase (155). Glass Loaf Baking Dish, OXO Good Grips® POP Square Food Storage Container, OXO Good Grips® Smart Seal 12-Piece Container Set in Clear/Blue, OXO Good Grips® 15-Piece Kitchen Tool Set, OXO Good Grips® POP Food Storage Container Collection, OXO Good Grips® Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush, OXO Good Grips® POP Rectangular Food Storage Container. The Swissmar-Shucker-Paddy-Universal-Oyster-Knife is one of the most unusual oyster knives around. The products listed are available in the Publix store you selected but may be out of stock and may not be available in other Publix or Publix GreenWise Market® stores. When it comes to kitchens, there's no doubt about it; you want things simplified. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. That's why from big to small, top to bottom - when you think kitchen, you think OXO, the brand that prides itself on taking everyday objects and activities and making them simpler, easier, and more thoughtfully designed. Take your food storage to the next level with POP containers. One down the blade and another down the length of the grip. Neither Publix, its content provider nor the manufacturers assume any liability for inaccuracies, misstatements or omissions. Bed Bath & Beyond's selection of storage and organization, including OXO containers, will have your drawers and pantry looking like a dream. The short, blunt … *By clicking these links, you will leave and enter the Instacart site that they operate and control. Publix Guarantee: Complete satisfaction. The Kitchen Center is no longer available and was discontinued in 1994. Many are also available with plastic handles. Pop them open and use the oyster knife to shuck them. OXO Good Grips® Can Opener with Bottle Opener, OXO Good Grips® Chef's Precision Digital Instant-Read Thermometer, OXO Good Grips® Stainless Steel Measuring Cups (Set of 4), OXO Good Grips® Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons (Set of 4), OXO Good Grips® 2-Piece Cutting Board Set, OXO Good Grips® Oblong Glass Baking Dish with Lid, OXO Good Grips® Nonstick Pro Cooling and Baking Rack, OXO Good Grips® 1.6 qt. Leave it to Charlestonians to make sure you have the best oyster knife, and are treated with southern hospitality. Additional nutrition information available upon request. Publix Oyster Knife 1 knife Choose a store. Many styles are offered for varying shell forms. Handles are available in a variety of shapes to meet personal preferences. These are all options that can be used throughout the house - in bathrooms, linen closets, dressers, offices, etc. Download On Android. 226 226 Reviews. 804-204-1709 [email protected] Wholesale. $0 - $25 (218) $0 - $25 (218) $26 - $50 (31) $26 - $50 (31) $51 - $100 (3) $51 - $100 (3) $101 - $200 (1) $101 - $200 (1) Ratings. Take your food storage to the next level with OXO POP containers, which include blank labels and layer beautifully on shelves so that you can see all of your items. Opens in a new window. Pasta Tools (1) Pie Plate/Server. Enjoy faster checkout, create ideaboards, earn My Funds and become a Beyond+ member! Charleston Shucker Company is the original shop for personalized oyster and fish fillet knives. This stainless-steel knife lets you get the job done smoothly, without damaging delicate oyster flesh or your hands. Oyster Knife. Maybe you’re not much of a cook, or your kitchen doesn’t have a ton of storage - that’s ok. Cutco offers a complete selection of cutlery, kitchen knives and accessories. Any prices shown are effective as of today and are subject to change on a day by day basis. There’s nothing worse than breaking out that can opener mid-recipe only to realize it’s broken and having to puncture the can along the top in hopes that you’ll be able to pry it open just enough.