A school leader has two main tasks that their day should revolve around. When the leader of an organization has this belief and proves it through actions, it trickles down to students in the classroom. As a student, I’m currently considering how action research is applied in building knowledge toward progressing leadership. The first thing you have to do is to sell your vision to the teachers and the community and get them to invest in it. for the information! What philosophical views/perspectives do you lean towards in a leadership role? If it is the best alternative for the students, then you should try to implement it. An educational leadership philosophy is continuously shaped through guidance from mentors, hands-on experience, and the values within their community. We can no longer have children going home and being asked the question, “what did you learn today?”, and responding with, “nothing.”  By opening the doors to our classrooms through both physical and virtual environments, we have the opportunity to change the conversation at home. When making a tough decision, have confidence that you have earned enough respect that the majority of your decisions are not questioned. If you approach it as one large step, then it will likely overwhelm and consume you as well as your faculty, staff, and students. I absolutely love this! I wanted to think about my own “Educational Leadership Philosophy” and put it into words as I come into the new school year. It is essential to have such strategies in place to make sure that the entire community is involved with the education of your students. It is also important to understand the intricacies of school finance such as budgeting, ad valorem, passing school bond issues, etc. If it is not beneficial for the students, then there is no reason that it should continue or even begin to happen. It is not just about cranking out content material. As a school leader, it is necessary to establish a sense of community and pride within and around your building site. Therefore, it is necessary that you always protect yourself and follow the set guidelines and policies for handling finances. You also want to involve the community in the learning process, because there are many community resources that can be utilized to promote growth throughout a school. Philosophy of Education, Worldview, and Educational Leadership. Through this value on developing leadership, our schools are more open not only to navigate but to lead change as well. I really enjoyed reading this article for several reasons. I think this is another way to bring the community together and build strong network. I do agree that sometimes people do or do not do things out of fear. That is why it is important as a leader to have an attitude of servitude. This is the need of today as we talk of Global Village.To share is most important factor of growth of the universal relation. Contact me directly at georgecouros@gmail.com. Some students have the motivation to learn more strongly than others, but this aspiration can be tutored, developed, and refined … But for the connections that they create amongst a community. You also need to make sure that all of those laws are being carried out within your building and that every student is given fair treatment based upon their Individualized Education Program (IEP). As a school leader, you should realize the importance of adhering to all laws governing the school including federal, state, and local school board policy. Once they truly buy into your plan, then they can help you carry out the rest of the vision. The problem is some teachers, administrators, and leaders are afraid to share their knowledge with others in fear that someone else may progress just a little bit further than their school or community will. When your leadership style is rooted in a strong set of values and principles, you’ll remain committed to your goals, and you’ll be more likely to motivate and inspire your employees on a regular basis. This is essential because you want to build on the positive aspects of their teaching ability. Thanks for your inspirational and visionary statement. These programs award Master of Educational Leadership or Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership degrees. Incredible and moving, as I work on finishing my masters in Education to become an Administrator. It is also critical that you ensure that other personnel responsible for handling money be given appropriate training.  Personal Philosophy of Leadership Althea McDaniel Professor Angie Barr HCS 525 Phoenix University May 2, 2015 Personal Philosophy of Leadership My personal philosophy of leadership is to set an example, treat people as they want to be treated, be accountable, listen actively and develop effective communication. No milelong words and statements to write. Your email address will not be published. Wonderful, this is imperative in creating collaboration among community members to foster development through academia. If there is a topic that you do not have a lot of knowledge about, then you may need to consult other school leaders, attorneys, or legal guides before you address that issue. My Leadership Philosophy Leadership for MS Science EDU 587-630 Instructor: J. Pizzo Paper by Rich Matthews MISEP Cohort II . Looking forward to seeing you in McAlester, Oklahoma in August! Understand that if it is best for the students, then you have a rational reason for making those decisions. Education and school have traditionally been the hub of our communities. All of your tasks should be prioritized based on seeing those two things take place. It is important to realize that you will step on people’s toes and that some may be angry with you. This provides some great insight toward the involvement of community and the impact that this has on development in education. The evaluation of teachers is an ongoing assessment and supervision of what is going on within and around a school leader's building. What are your thoughts on this? If those are your priorities, then you will have happy and enthusiastic people in the building that are teaching or learning on a daily basis. Thanks. One, he shows mindfulness in the sense of bringing communities together and building communities in education. He previously served as a school principal and middle school science teacher. 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School leaders should have a clear idea of what is going on in their buildings and within each individual classroom at all times. My Philosophy of Educational Leadership I strongly believe that educational leadership plays a vital role in all human race. However, understand that there are going to be areas in which every teacher can improve. Moving along in a progressive philosophic fashion will be beneficial. Education and school have traditionally been the hub of our communities. If you expect to gain the respect of my teachers, students, staff, etc., you have to give respect first. Charlett, This community support is imperative. Growing up in a small town, teachers were revered and respected for the work that they did with students, and they always made an effort to connect with parents to bring them in on the learning process of their child, not just with developing intelligence, but developing students as people. Educational philosophies are as diverse and unique as the individuals who espouse them. However, I feel that now is as good of a time as any to advocate for our students. The first of these duties is to provide an atmosphere that promotes intense learning opportunities on a daily basis. One of those changes in our world is a shift to an open and transparent environment. The teaching evaluation process is a significant part of a school leader's job. My philosophy of education is centered on outcomes for the student not only in school, but in his or her post-secondary journey and achievements as well. A school leader's mission should always be student-centered. I’m gonna quote some of your statements to my paper works if you don’t mind. Through knowledge, skills and … Nevertheless, a change such as a new grading system should not be done without significant research as to how it will affect the students. While we look and build on what has worked in the past, we must also continuously look forward. The type of students one teaches directly affects everything else in the classroom, and technology, creativity, or determination are not going to over come students not caring, parents not caring, and a school that is not working.