Marcolini, who has 40 shops across Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and China, was unanimously given the award by a panel of independent journalists. Known for rare cocoa that it sources from all four corners of the world, the chocolatier is careful to preserve the rich aromas of the chocolate throughout its creation. The outstanding quality and refinement of Pierre Marcolini chocolates have made his stores an instant success, with branches in Belgium, France, Monaco, Japan and Taiwan. It's a delicious treat - … Given the prize this week, Marcolini told Reuters he saw it as vindication of his “crazy project aimed at renovating, transforming, changing, modernising the world of pastry and the world of chocolate.”. Drawing inspiration from a Christmas wreath, Marcolini hides grand cru chocolate with a milk chocolate sabayon beneath a … Pierre Marcolini offers one of my favorite hot chocolates in the world - the hot chocolate itself is thick and has a great balance of bitter and sweet. Pierre Marcolini first appeared on the chocolate-making scene in 2003, with the opening of his first chocolate shop in Paris. Pierre Marcolini’s counter at Selfridges will also open for business between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Sunday, and a spokesperson says that Harrods will fully re-open its chocolate hall in July - in the meantime Pierre Marcolini’s chocolates will be available from the entrance of the department store. However, it's also topped with whipped cream, a couple circular chips of chocolate, and little meringues. The master, however, had been working with chocolate extensively since 1994, when he officially founded Les Chocolats l’Iris. Talking all things chocolate, we spoke to the man himself to learn of this season’s hottest chocolate flavours, the demand for … The partnership between NEO and Pierre Marcolini will support the brand’s international roll-out and bring outstanding chocolate creations to discerning customers worldwide. He spent nine years nurturing this storefront, marketing his products and perfecting his art. The renowned Belgian chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini has been demonstrating savoir-faire in chocolate for over twenty years. World-famous pastry chef and chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini recently made his Dubai debut with La Maison Pierre Marcolini in Dubai Mall. Photo credit to Pierre Marcolini. Pierre Marcolini. Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has been voted the best pastry chef in the world as part of the “World Pastry Stars 2020” event, the Belgian announced on Monday. This superbly decorated cake for six people to share is a showstopper this year, and is ideal for replacing that stodgy Christmas pudding at dinnertime.