The Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU), formerly Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences, is a private, for-profit university in Ponce, Puerto Rico.It awards graduate degrees in Medicine (MD), Clinical Psychology (PsyD and PhD), Biomedical Sciences (PhD), Medical Sciences (MS), and Public Health … The COA at Ponce Health Sciences University is very expensive compared to Private (for-profit), 4 Years or High Colleges in Puerto Rico (the average: $12,201). Ponce is in the driest place in the island so the heat, although it's really hot, won't suffocate you. 2105; 2269 Alternative Medicine Clinics: (787)284-3618 Psychology Service Center: (787)813-5700. Ponce does not have public transportation. Outpatient Clinics: (787)840-0052 Psychiatry Residency Program Clinics: (787)840-6636 (787)840-2575 Ext. very expensive. Ponce Health Sciences University is a fully accredited university dedicated to providing the highest quality graduate education programs available in medicine, clinical psychology, biomedical sciences, and public health in order to prepare world-class, culturally competent health professionals to better serve a growing population of diverse patients across the United States. Our mission is to make a difference by solving health disparities through groundbreaking, innovative and relevant research that has a global impact in health care. Also, you will need your own transportation, either a second hand car, a bike, or a new car. Welcome to the Ponce Research Institute (PRI) at Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU). SEE OUR RESULTS. 82 % of MSMS … In the MSMS program at Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU), Tiber Health’s methodology decreased operating costs by $7 million annually while creating new jobs within the school. By decreasing costs of healthcare education, Tiber Health is making high-quality education more accessible to underrepresented minorities and first-generation students. Officials gave a tentative opening date of fall 2021. Our research team is dedicated to ongoing research in the Basic, Behavioral, Public Health, and Clinical Sciences. cost of attendance . Reparada 2 Ponce PR 00716-2347 Telephone: (787)840-2575 Behavioral Health Center: (787)984-7641 . At Ponce Health Sciences University-St. Louis, we are answering a need in the community and providing an outlet to prepare more students for jobs in the field of healthcare – including mental health. Compared to similar schools in rankings such as University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras and , its COA is higher than those schools (its average COA is $20,574). You have to be carefuly where to go, however, because crime rates aren't dropping anytime soon. Ponce Health Sciences University officials said they will break ground on a 150,000-square-foot, $80 million facility this fall or winter after getting accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and reaching a deal with NorthSide, which controls the site, for a land lease. Postal Address: P.O. Box 7004 Ponce PR 00732-7004 Physical Address: 388 Zona Ind.