With a single hose system air is cooled and then returned back into the room with only a small portion of the air getting directed through the exhaust hose. Considering a portable air/heat system, any thoughts here? Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be This guide is a step by step overview of how to install a portable AC in your room, along with answers to frequently asked questions.. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". Most portable ac units have only a single hose some have two hose connections, one for air intake and the other for the exhaust. The most efficient way to remove hot air from a room is when you connect a flexible exhaust hose to the back of your portable ac unit and connect the other end of the hose to a window venting kit. The most important aspects of installing a portable AC properly are its venting and drainage. If there are problems with the exhaust hose you may notice the unit not cooling the space or overheating of the unit. As mentioned above, air conditioners are designed to decrease humidity, so if your climate provides 60% humidity or above for inside your home, an AC can help with that. What Does it Cost to Run a Room Air Conditioner? ft. Our heat pump that we had put in a large upstairs room, about 550 square fe... Portable air conditioner broke -- what are these objects in the vent hose? As air is cooled by the portable air conditioner unit, moisture is being removed from the air. An average portable AC weighs about 60 pounds and measures 17x 31×16. With a dual hose system the portable A/C takes the air in from the room or even another room though one hose, cools that air and exhausts it through the second hose. 4 Advantages of Using a Dual Hose Portab... 4 Advantages of Using a Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner. They require two hoses to function properly: a drain hose and a vent hose. Should You Protect an Air Conditioner Unit During Winter? How to Replace a Portable Air Conditioner Hose. Website operating Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. You should absolutely hose down your air conditioner if you have the means to do so. An exhaust hose can be connected to the portable ac unit to lead the warm air out of the window. Also, if the motor is louder check the hose for obstructions and make sure that it is securely attached. We welcome your comments and Most portable air conditioners extract hot from the room in which it is located, that hot air is then discharged out the of the a/c unit. Based on the model of the portable air conditioning unit, the hose may empty this water into a bucket, or is pumped out of a window or opening designed for this purpose. If you find that the hose is damaged a replacement hose can be ordered from the manufacturer and installed fairly easy at a reasonable cost. Disadvantages of a Windowless Air Conditioner. I took off the ventilation hose to investiga... window vs. portable floor model air conditioner. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Plus most units usually have a filter to prevent anything … So I bought a portable air conditioner off Craigslist (looks a lot like this, although it's not the exact same one) for really cheap. 4 Common Dual Hose Portable Air Conditio... 4 Common Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Problems. Temperature range: 61° F to 89° F The most efficient way to remove hot air from a room is when you connect a flexible exhaust hose to the back of your portable ac unit and connect the other end of the hose to a … Signs of this may be an increase of the sound coming from the motor or the unit failing to operate. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. You can the connect the other end of the hose to your window vent kit. After all, the condenser’s main job is to pull in air and cool it off, so when it “pulls,” it also drags anything loose with it, including pollen, grass clippings, and dirt. This self-contained unit cools the air just like a traditional air conditioner. Therefore, it’s not too hard to set it up in another room. The condensation that is collected is drained from the unit using a drain hose. A portable air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that doesn't need to be placed in a window and can be moved from room to room.