Ottawa's By Ward Market district, featuring local farmers and boutique shops by day, becomes the centre of the city's nightlife, with bars and lounges hosting live entertainment for every taste. Once the risks are assessed, they are communicated to Canadians to help them make informed decisions. The Medical Devices Directorate is Canada’s regulator of medical devices for human use. Health Canada physicians can also continue to practice medicine part time. When you work for Health Canada you will have dental and health care for you and your family, an appealing pension plan and access to our family and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The current salary ranges are from $168,717 to $198,157 for Medical Evaluators (MOF-02) and from $192,630 to $212,134 for Medical Managers (MOF-03). In fact, blending your medical degree with accreditation from alternative bodies like the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine could be a good way to differentiate your practice from other doctors. Ottawa is ranked as a top Canadian city for job accessibility and affordable housing, and has one of the highest standards of living in the country. For example, emergency doctor salary in BC is around $217,000 and ER doctor salary in Ontario is $309,000, with additional bonuses available for doctors willing to serve remote areas or take on additional responsibilities through alternative payment plans. There is a vibrant culture with 14 national museums; the National Arts Centre and many smaller venues that host live music and theatre. If you’re in medical school but are finding yourself especially interested in how the body and its muscles function, you could set yourself up in a career like chiropractic medicine, physiotherapy, or sports medicine. They should also have a keen interest in biochemistry and enjoy the social and psychological aspects of the practice. You could choose this because you enjoy teaching students, have a strong research interest in a specific area, or because you simply enjoy learning at a higher academic level. Naturopathic doctor salary in Canada is around $50,000-100,000 per year, although they do not typically have medical degrees. There is a diverse culinary scene, ranging from award-winning fine dining to the city's signature "BeaverTails", an indulgent deep-fried pastry. For example, eye doctor salary is $769,000 per year in Canada, making them the highest paid doctors in the medical profession. Visit for more information about the city. Emergency room doctors (emergentologists) need to possess a wide range of clinical knowledge and skills, and be ready to apply them in all kinds of unexpected situations. However, Public Health Medical Officer salaries only average 0.4% ($476) more than the average Public Health Physician salary of $110,933. Another avenue you could pursue as a new medical school graduate is physiotherapy or sports medicine. We play a vital role in protecting and promoting the health and safety of all Canadians by excelling as a trusted scientific and regulatory authority for health products and food in Canada and internationally. Physician regulatory work involves frequent multidisciplinary interactions by means of meetings with drug companies, the work unit, review teams, experts, and working groups and discussions with foreign regulatory agencies. Sports medicine doctor salary gross is around $278,000 per year. The Marketed Health Products Directorate leads an evidence-based program that works collaboratively with other organizations to assess health product risks and make risk-management decisions. Public health doctor salary is around $350,000. Visit PayScale to research public health specialist salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Before authorizing the sale of a medical device in Canada, they verify that the device meets the safety, effectiveness and quality requirements of Canada’s Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. Our most valuable asset is our team of over 1,700 professionals with various backgrounds and expertise. Average take home earning is CA$ 113,110 (Net) . A 37.5 hour workweek fulfilled over four or five days from Monday to Friday is required of Medical Managers. Broadening your academic knowledge base can open up new career paths outside of the clinical setting as well – for example, public health doctors work with institutions like governments to help design policy to keep populations healthy. Functional medicine doctor salary is similar to other forms of natural medical practice at a salary of around $100,000 per year. Doctors who want to work in the ER or the ICU can choose between two paths. If you are an employer this page can help you with the decision how much to pay employees. Fellowship doctors earn a salary of $50,000-70,000 per year, although this can vary considerably based on how many years it has been since you were in medical school. Several other types of leave are available like 15 days of paid sick leave per year, two personal days and maternity and parental leave with top-up allowance equal to 93% of salary for 52 weeks. The average doctor starting salary by specialty for medical specializations is $360,000, which covers many medical specializations, like pain management doctors. If you are looking to specialize but don’t want to be a surgeon, there are lots of medical specialties that will still allow you to spend plenty of time in a clinical setting. General surgeons also rank near the top of the list, earning an average salary of $452,000 per year, with other surgical professions, like orthopedic doctors, who earn a salary of $429,000, coming in lower down the list. For example, emergency doctor salary in BC is around $217,000 and ER doctor salary in Ontario is $309,000, with additional bonuses available for doctors willing to serve remote areas or take on additional responsibilities through alternative payment … Dr. Bill | RBC Medical Billing Inc. | © 2020, 112 W Hastings St. Suite 400, Vancouver, BC  V6B 1G8. These specializations typically require an additional five years after residency in a Royal College approved training program. The current salary ranges are from $168,717 to $198,157 for Medical Evaluators (MOF-02) and from $192,630 to $212,134 for Medical Managers (MOF-03). Functional medicine doctors perform a similar role, offering this blended practice to patients looking to optimize factors like diet, supplementation, and exercise as alternative methods to traditional medicine. As you can see, the specialization you choose will have a big impact on what you can ultimately earn from your career in medicine. They should be willing to do shift work, and will earn a salary similar to family doctors. Specialties with a higher doctor starting salary often require more years of schooling, so you’ll need to balance the opportunity cost of these extra years of school with the future financial benefit. Overhead in hospital settings is around 20%, putting sports medicine doctor starting salary at around $222,400. Salaries posted anonymously by Public Health Agency of Canada employees. Obstetricians (baby delivery doctors) earn a doctor starting salary of $392,000 per year, and pediatric oncologist doctors earn a salary between $299,000 and $360,000 per year. ER doctor salary and ICU doctor salary are around $281,000 per year, and ranges between $211k-$309k per year, depending on the province you are in. Your doctor starting salary will be very different depending on the area you choose to specialize in, so if you decide family medicine isn’t for you, it might be worth looking at other specialties and considering what you’ll earn. Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate, Canada’s Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, Various leaves including four week annual leave and 15 sick days, Full family benefits, including dental and health care plans, Option to continue to practice medicine on a part-time basis, Ability to work collaboratively in a fast paced environment, Ability to make decisions keeping in mind the impact on others and on the organization, At least one year experience in independent practice in family medicine or in a medical specialty in the Canadian healthcare system, You will contribute to the health of Canadians, You will play a role in ensuring that Canadians have access to safe and effective drugs and health products, You will have an opportunity to work in partnership with other levels of government, health care professionals, patient and consumer interest groups, research communities and industry.