Spacing: 4 feet. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. clematis plants for sale. Mix varieties of these flowering vine plants for an array of colors, flower forms, foliage and bloom seasons. Clematis Rebecca is offset by eye-catching creamy yellow anthers. It is exceptionally free-flowering. Stunning bright red 5-7" flowers (will show more purple if in any shade). Can sprawl along the ground too! Flower color and bloom size may vary while the plant is establishing. Light Required: Full Sun, Partial Shade Color: Very large, stunning bright red 5-7 inch flowers (will show purple if in any shade) Creamy yellow anthers. This is an archive page preserved for informational use. ... Ram-Pro 40 Piece Green Gentle Gardening Plant & Flower Lever Loop Gripper Clips, Tool for Supporting or Straightening Plant Stems, Stalks, and Vines. Botanical Name: Clematis 'Rebecca' Evipo016 Height: 6 - 8 feet. Clematis are prized for their incredible flowers, most as large as your hand. Clematis Rebecca - Common name:Vine - Stunning bright red 5-7" flowers (will show more purple if in any shade). Get gardening inspiration delivered right to your door — from classic, Perennials, Be sure all growth is tied to the trellis, etc. Tufts of creamy yellow stamens in the center of the impressive blooms add a striking contrast. Vines. across (12-18 cm), adorned with a wispy boss of creamy-yellow stamens at their center. Modest in height this is a perfect choice for the garden with limited space. This is where the roots start and the top shoots begin. It is exceptionally free-. In early Spring watch for swelling leaf buds beginning to show. Blooms May, June and again in August. Clematis Rebecca is offset by eye-catching creamy yellow anthers. Clematis Rebecca is Raymond Evisons newest variety, he launched this one at Chelsea Flower show '08 It's a very free flowering Clematis that flowers May to September This is the best colour of red we have ever seen! From Raymond Evison Clematis, Rebecca™ Clematis produces huge, crimson red flowers from mid-spring to early autumn. Regarded by many as one of the best red clematis ever produced, Clematis 'Rebecca' produces an abundance of large, velvety, deep vibrant red flowers, up to 5-7 in. Pruning Type 2 - In this group all first flowering comes from last season's ripening stems. Stunning when used alone or when several colors are mixed. 800-852-5243 Our 100% biodegradable fiber pots grow incredibly vigorous plants and eliminate transplant shock. Note: This plant is not currently for sale. $8.99 $ 8. Viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans Clematis Plant. The stamens are unique in having red connectives, a delicate touch from the breeder, Raymond Evison. at this time. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,919. Depth: Place the plant in the hole at the same level it was grown by the nursery. A red flowering Clematis! Grower's tip: Truest colors require full sun, as any shade will introduce purple tones. It is exceptionally free-flowering. Every perennial garden should have at least one of these incredible vines. "Queen of the Climbers" will train onto trellises, fences or arch over doorways. Buy Rebecca™ Clematis online. Stunning clematis plants are prized for their bright flowers of white, red, purple or blue. 99 $13.75 $13.75. Spread: 2 feet. almost a 'pillarbox red'. Clematis vines are also vigorous growers, able to quickly cover horizontal or vertical spaces with multitudes of branches and beautiful blooms. Clematis are perennial plants grown for their attractive flowering vines that produce masses of colorful blossoms. Blooms May-June & August. favorites to exciting new varieties! We guarantee all our clematis plants for sale will arrive alive and thriving! Modest in height this is a perfect choice for the garden with limited space. Cut all dead material off above these swelling buds. 888.907.4769 | Conditions of Use. If intertwining Clematis, pruning will be easier if you select varieties with the same pruning type. Gracefully meandering over fences, trellises or through shrubbery, Clematis supply vertical interest. An Evison/Poulsen cultivar that is very large with stunningly bright red, almost scarlet, flowers with creamy yellow anthers. Clematis Plants for Sale - Colorful Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The healthiest clematis plants start here! Blooms May, June and again in August. Do not tie too tightly, so growth will not be hampered or cracked by tying too tight.