With the number of calories you should be consuming (1,800 - 1,900), I think you could fit ONE glass of wine into your meal plan each weekend night without a problem.But 4, likely overfilled … ... Red wine is … December 14, 2015, 5:25pm #1. And, of course, the alcoholic element of red wine … Would drinking a 6 ounce glass of merlot 3-5x a week at night be benificial? I've been going to the chiropractor to fix a back issue and am about to start working out again but in the intervening time I've really gotten into red wine … 5 oz of Red Wine = 125 calories and 15.6 grams of alcohol; 3 oz of Sake = 117 calories and 14.1 grams of alcohol; 1.5 oz of Liquor = 97 calories and 14 grams of alcohol; Alcohol has a negative reputation in … Bone density purportedly can also be increased by the consumption of red wine, meaning fewer debilitating injuries and a reduced risk of osteoporosis. For example: “Wines from Beaujolais and the Loire Valley of France are lower in alcohol and higher in acidity; and not only do they have fewer calories, they’re also more versatile, so they go with a wider array of foods,” says Jason Wagner, Wine … Import. The anti-inflammatory nature of resveratrol will help soothe muscles and reduce soreness. Bodybuilding. The most popular bodybuilding message boards! I hear alot of the pros about drinking red wine.