Since I had checked the reviews here first I knew exactly what I wanted to try. Not very spicy. The pork could have been a little more juicy, but its ok if you add in the hot oil sauce if you can handle the heat. You may do as you please," the system answered calmly. Their soup dumpling is so delicious and try the fried soup dumpling too. *  Wonton in Chili Oil: (3/5): This was alright, nothing special compared to the other things I ate. Super fast service. - beef roll - loved the wrap, reminded me of roti Xi An Tasty. The freshness from cucumber reminds me of Vietnamese banh mi. For a spoiled person growing up in SoCal's San Gabriel Valley and having been to multiple East Asian countries, this place is subpar when it comes to authentic tastes. Went here for lunch with the boyfriend and nephew. There were no leftovers and everyone left completely satisfied.The group favorite was the wonton in chili oil and the pork soup dumplings. (626) 802-5966. The third star goes to their side chili sauce, which has a toasted spice flavor + not super spicy. $7.99. Looking for an amazing dining experience during this COVID crisis? All super good! They went so perfectly with the jasmine tea which comes out in a really cute teapot with a little candle warmer  It can take time for the tarts since they are baked to order so I'd suggest ordering them straight away with your food. It was a lot of food and all of it was delicious. This enabled us to try a multitude of dishes and really get a feel for the menu.We started with Roujiamo. Although it is possible to use only a few spices (which many vendors do), the resulting meat is less flavourful. We got 7 different items from the menu which costed about $80 which isn't too bad because I regret nothing and would definitely order everything again. We had the Roujiamo, pork soup dumplings, wonton in chili oil, steamed chicken and sticky rice. $7.99. Burgers(Rou jia mo): 1.5 star Service: 2 star, you need to pick up water and napkin by yourself, but since there is no tips, so I guess it is fine. Wuhan Dry Noodles. I always order the roujiamo and fried rice. $4.99. First time here and will definitely return. But the "rou Jia mo" definitely didn't have enough meat in it.” more, “ the high notes. I highly recommend people try this place. I've eaten a lot of frozen dumplings in my life, and these are pretty much the same thing. Spicy. Is roujiamo (肉夹馍, "Chinese hamburger") on the menu of any Chinese restaurants in Chicago? Book catering for your next event Protected by our 100% Roaming Hunger Service Guarantee The filling would also make a great filling for Steamed Buns unstead of the Chinese Barbequed Pork tradtionally used. But again. They also have an outdoor area now, very spacious and COVID compliant. $7.99. It comes with a sort of thicker soy base sauce but also amazing with their signature chili oil2) the pork soup dumplings were actually my least favorite of everything. BEST EGG TARTS IVE EVER HAD. I've tried all their dumplings by now, and I would not hesitate to order any of then again, especially when I need my dumplings fix. It's extremely hard to get a table during busy hours but it's a good thing they've teamed up with yelp for online checkin.Overall, it's been a positive experience ordering food from this place for the last 3 years and my only negative comment would be to provide more chili oil per order but that's just for me personally. When we walked in, Yyonne (One of the owners) greeted us right away (Super Sweet) I told her it was our first time here and I won an IG giveaway. The meat inside was sooo yummy and the bun reminded me of an English muffin and I love english muffins! They come with either pork or crab. Our wait was 40 minutes for a group of 5. Wonderful place to hang out with friends and family. Lots of people were coming in to buy there homemade dumplings in bulk. Luckily those two dishes were enough to win us over because the other (plain) wontons were just that. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings. it was both sweet and a lil spicy The wontons in chili oil were so flavorful. We came for table of two and were seated very fast. I knew this place is called "Jiang Nan Spring", but I had no idea this place is open until about a week ago.…” more, “ (Ròu Jiā Mó) and the Lamb Soaked Bread/Pita Soup (Yáng Ròu Pào Mó) are the standouts here, but there's a complete, typical central China lunch order that you can replicate here: 涼皮 (Liáng Pí) - Cold Skin Noodles - $7 肉夾饃 (Ròu Jiā” more, “Homemade noodle. If multiple places, are there any that deliver near the Uptown/Andersonville area? Siumai: meet my standard. The pork did not have a very good flavor or texture. All delicious! Once things get back to a bit more "normal" (whatever that means) make sure you call ahead for seating-they are ALWAYS busy AND I equate that to how superb their food is! I wish they can make the broth more tasty as the dumplings. They followed all safe practices for outdoor dining, even taking our temperatures. We went for our first time yesterday only because I won Instagram giveaway! Cold noodles and rou jia mo were very tasty as well. The garlic noodles and you must try their roujiamo (fried bun with pork filling). I've been wanting to try this restaurant for some time and it did not disappoint. The only thing that missing is the broth. I would say it's kid/family friendly and the menu had just enough options for everyone! Carry out - 90% of the time I've taken food back to my workplace and it's been pretty easy to place orders and communicate with the host. We had the soup dumplings, garlic noodles with chicken (YUM!) This could be due to the high volume of customers as well. Unfortunately, i didnt have a chance to get the pork ones since they were out. There’s some debate over whether or not the roujiamo is the world’s oldest hamburger, but it’s certainly beloved as a street food! Definitely recommend checking it out! La Taberna China, Barcelona Picture: Me encanta ROUJIAMO !!!! Chinese meat burgers: buns were soft, meat was marinated with green onions and a little bit salty, but goes well with plain buns. It's that kind of bite that just makes you take a deep breath and you feel pure happiness. Awesome place to go to for some quality dumplings. Here are the individual reviews~* Roujiamo: chinese meat burger: 3/5: This was pretty good! If you like spam you'll love these. Some of their dishes can definitely improve. When the dumplings cool, the skin hardens - eww. Like a lot American expats, Roujiamo (“Chinese hamburger” is such a schleppy name, let’s just agree to call it Roujiamo) was one of my first-true-Chinese-food-loves.