Sapele Plywood has a lustrous grain and consistent color. If using Sapele plywood panels outside, particular care must be taken to ensure the edges and faces are sealed to be completely watertight. Sapele Plywood is a common substitute for South American Mahogany. It's getting hard to find, especially in the ultra-high grades that were typical of now-disappeared European mills like Shelman. It is made with Class 3 exterior gluing and complies to BS1088 and the Lloyd's Register Type Approved. Sapele Plywood is strong, durable, and accepts stains and finishes very well. Sapele is brown-red in color with rotary cut faces. Sapele hardwood Plywood in a flat cut with a domestic veneer core. Full 4×8 sheets are available in stock at our location. Sapele has a dark red to medium reddish brown face. Limited amount in stock. We also have a […] Mahogany Sapele is Highly Stable Lumber. While the large-scale operations of replanting large quantities of Sapele trees are underway, the global stock of this type of lumber is starting to get limited. This Mahogany-colour wood is perfect for making stylish boat decks that contrast with the lighter Okoume hull. The grain pattern is uniform with a satiny texture. It is available in 1/4″ and 3/4″ thickness. Marine plywood sheets, twin-faced with rotary-cut Sapele. The name sapele comes from that of the city of Sapele in Nigeria, where there is a preponderance of the tree.African Timber and Plywood (AT&P), a division of the United Africa Company, had a factory at this location where the wood, along with Triplochiton scleroxylon, Obeche, mahogany, and Khaya was processed into timber which was then exported from the Port of Sapele worldwide. It is commonly used as a substitute for Genuine Mahogany -- also belonging to the Meliaceae family -- and it, too, is considered moderately durable and stable. Supplies of Sapele were plentiful, but in recent years after increased exploitation that was caused by the lockdown on Mahogany trading, even Sapele is starting to get vulnerable. Common uses for Sapele Plywood are furniture, cabinetry, and other interior applications. One of the most common questions we hear, “is Sapele a hardwood or softwood?” Usually this is because Sapele is known as an exterior wood and so many good exterior woods are also softwoods. This plywood is beautiful Sapele … Premium Sapele - Marine Plywood: Ordering Options: Size: Quantity: Sapele is a beautiful reddish-brown African wood with a deep, swirling grain. Sapele, Quarter Cut, Figured Veneer Species Guide Columbia Forest Products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications. Sapele is an economically-important wood to the continent of Africa, and one that continues to grow in popularity in other industries beyond veneer mills, here in the US. Please contact sales staff for large orders.