In the aftermath of Kraj, the Simic all but collapsed. The guild seeks to protect the elements of the plane that are incompatible or mutually exclusive with its overpopulated, urban conditions. Similar to a project leader, you are responsible for directing the efforts of researchers exploring a wide variety of projects related to the focus of your clade. The vast population, which cared about nothing but themselves, soon made sure that the Simic failed in their original objective. Because most clades span multiple zonots, you have status equal to the Speakers of the zonots. Good class options include fighter or rogue (of any archetype), or a monk of the Way of the Open Hand. They are nearly as adaptable as we are, and they seem intent on competition. They will survive, barely, and perhaps one day they will understand. Each clade is the natural-world equivalent of a project team: diverse individuals adapted to different tasks, yet related by a common goal. Following Momir Vig's death, the research into cytoplasts was abandoned. Adaptationists tend to interpret the Holdfast as being about defense and security, and the Upwelling as a call for sudden, disruptive growth. ", Dimir "We need not compete. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. Though much of the Simic's work has been beneficial, in the form of medical advances and other such discoveries, it's also resulted in some pretty ugly and destructive monstrosities when a biomancer gets too carried away in his work. But from this setback arose a new opportunity, and a new purpose: creating a new natural order to replace the one that had been taken away. Prerequisite: Rank 2 and renown 50 or higher in the Simic Combine Their original mission was to oversee issues of public health, but the Simic came to believe that complete health—of individuals and of society as a whole—depends on the mutual adaptation of nature and civilization to one another. If you have any kind of pet, familiar, mount, or animal companion, you can add one random adaptation to it from the Minor Adaptations table. A group of elves and scholars with a vision for improving their world, the Simic are charged with maintaining nature on Ravnica. If your research requires it, your project leader or clade leader can equip you with a Simic charm (described in chapter 5) before you undertake a mission or an experiment. Specialists in hybridizing and altering creatures through a mixture of science and magic, they have spawned countelss hybrids and krasis in search of the perfect union between nature and civilization. The only zonot inside the boundaries of the Tenth District, Zonot Seven is home to the guildhall, the Zameck. You might enjoy playing a character who belongs to the Simic Combine if one or more of the following statements are true: Joining the Simic Combine The Simic Combine has an affinity for guilds that care for the forces of nature, and as such it has worked alongside the Selesnya, Gruul, and Golgari in the past. Anyways, I was trying to search through all of the RAW for the best way to create a Biomancer. The Simic Scientist background is available for characters who are part of the Simic guild. When the dust settled, Kraj, along with Momir Vig and Svogthir, were destroyed. ", Selesnya "Like us, they seek a synthesis between 'natural' and 'artificial' systems. The first to open, Zonot One appeared in a remote area far away from the Tenth District. Enemies and Allies To a lesser extent, the combine also has a rapport with the other scientific guild, the Izzet. At various times, that category could include members of any other guild, particularly the Selesnya Conclave. At the same time, a growing faction within the Simic believes that an all-out war among the guilds is inevitable, given the growing unrest in the city.