Sketching in a sentence. Six principal views of Drawing perpendicular lines can be accomplished in a manner similar to drawing parallel lines. Sketching; Sketched; Sketches; Sketch (base) Will began sketching her face. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. "After a long time, I took to sketching". Use "sketching" in a sentence. Perhaps the speaker is intending to say that after a long gap, or after dabbling in a couple of other interests, he finally took to sketching-(seriously took to sketching). Orthographic sketching relates to flat, graphic facsimi- les of a subject showing no depth. Present participle of sketch.Noun (plural sketchings) 2. Definition of sketching in the dictionary. The sentence “I can’t draw” can be anchored deeply in our heads, convincing us that if we never had a knack for arts, sketching can’t be for us. Meaning of sketching. Bong Joon: I really wanted to see his face -- I even tried imagining his face and sketching it out to Bong Joon, i had a list of questions I was prepared to ask him just in case I somehow ran into him. sketches example sentences. sketching definition: Verb 1. She watched as I began sketching. I’ve been sketching and painting all day. Later in the day he went out sketching. How to use sketches in a sentence. Example sentences with the word sketches. Examples of sketching in a Sentence. nical There are four types of sketching: ortho- graphic, axonometric, oblique, and perspective, Fig- toes 3-30, 3-31, 3-32, and 3-33.