The electronics side was less complicated, but the cost of the Telefunken AC-701 miniature triode vacuum tubes used by European microphone manufacturers were prohibitively expensive in Japan. Watch; NOS 6AU6 EF94 LOW-NOISE CIFTE FRANCE Tube for McINTOSH MR Sony C37A Altec 21. The underside of the CP-3B has recessed switches for selecting impedance (50 or 250 ohms) and output level settings. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed! The Sony C37A microphone is one of those pieces. NOS 6AU6 EF94 LOW-NOISE CIFTE FRANCE MATCHED PAIR McINTOSH MR Sony C37A Altec 21 See more like this. Awesome Inc. theme. ... was a near-perfect clone of the C-37A with a few modern improvements, such as higher output and lower self-noise. Unfortunately discontinued today, the C-800 comes close to being a modern reissue of the original C-37A. I have a pair of each :-), There are certain pieces of audio gear where the manufacturer gets it right and creates a classic, but doesn't realize it until years later after the unit has been replaced with a new "updated" version that doesn't sound as good. It is clean and sounds perfect. Pre-Owned. Not bad for a microphone that was designed more than a half-century ago. DIGIDESIGN 192 8 in/16 out . 40 Channels A-D. … TIMELINE Microlynx synchronizer locks 24Trk and/or 16Trk tape machine with Protools DAW. Buy It Now +$4.98 shipping. This one is a real gem. YouTube Ads, Police Manager Miles Copeland – Part 1, And Thunderbolt 4 On My Latest Podcast, YouTube Does Its Creators A Big Favor, Even If They Don’t Realize It, SoundCloud Gives DJs Unlimited Offline Access To Tracks, "No Women No Cry" - Bob Marley Multitrack, "Superstition" Multitrack - Stevie Wonder, "Hot For Teacher Guitar" Van Halen Isolated Guitar. The C-37A also has a way of easily taming sibilance and harsh high frequencies with a notable dip around 1kHz and another between 6-8kHz. Like the C-37A, the C-800 had a single-diaphragm capsule, used a mechanical vent to change polar response and was based on the same 6AU6 pentode tube. Nakatsuru instead went with a single-stage amplifier using a cathode-follower design as an impedance converter with a readily available (and far more affordable) 6AU6 pentode tube configured as a triode. Also a …, Sony C-37A Vintage Tube Condenser Microphone. Watch; Handycam Accessory - Sony … The entire package shipped with mic, power supply, an attached 10-meter mic cable, carrying case and manual. Sony, through Superscope, exhibited the TC-555 home-use “Sterecorder,” the CP-13 three-channel deluxe recorder, and the C-37A condenser microphone. Turning the slot to the right selects the “N” non-directional (omni) pattern, while turning it to the left selects the “U” uni-directional, which is essentially cardioid at 1 kHz, becoming tighter at higher frequencies. The top end is better than any other i’ve heard. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. NHK eventually scrapped the project. The large Sony logo on the mic helped spread the word about the C-37A. A pushbutton is also provided to enable a high-frequency roll-off curve. 2 track MCI/SONY JH 110 19, 38 & 76 cm/s 1/4 or 1/2 inch. The term “hi-fi,” short for high fidelity, became popular in the late fifties. Best Sony C37A / Neumann U67 clone or sound alike. Apart from being a wonderful vocal microphone used by Frank Sinatra (rich, warm and not sibilant) the C37A is very useful on Guitar Amps, Brass and strings. Oops, looks like you forgot something. The mic was released in Japan in 1955, although it didn’t make its official debut in the United States until the Los Angeles Hi-Fi show in 1958. 24 track MCI/SONY JH 24, 38 & 76 cm/s. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. $34.50. Sony’s C-800G (left) and C-800 mics have similar names, but the mics are quite different in design and sound. Specs included a 30 to 16k Hz frequency response. It also included a 21-3P audio output connector so the user could make a custom output cable that interfaced to whatever connection that was required. Facebook Twitter Reddit … Sonnet Echo III Desktop For Pro Tools - Check This Out! 2 inch with AL III. I’ve owned 4 of these now and this the last and possibly best one.The incredible sound is partially because the power supply was cleaned up by The Mic Shop. Seeking a domestic alternative, Heitaro Nakajima—of the Science and Technical Research division of Japanese broadcaster NHK—was interested in building a condenser mic, having seen a U47 during recent travel to Germany. Just serviced by super tech Pom Audio Design. The concept worked and the word soon spread about Japan’s first condenser microphone. Copyright 2009-2016 Bobby Owsinski Media Group. Having a lower output than most other condensers, the C-37A can also be used on very loud sources like guitar amplifiers and drums without worry of clipping the mic preamp due to a crazy-hot signal. And among the mic’s most ardent fans is Daniel Lanois, who has used his C-37As on a long list of top artists he’s produced, such as Bob Dylan, Bono and Peter Gabriel. The C-37A design features a slot on the back on the mic grille for mechanically changing the polar pickup pattern. Today, some 55 years after its initial launch, the Sony C-37A remains a viable tool that is still prized in studios throughout the world. The tape recorders were hailed as the “Rolls Royces” of the trade, while […] NHK’s first attempt at creating a condenser mic was based on a silver-coated celluloid diaphragm, which was noisy and would burn if the DC bias voltage was too high. Digital Recording : AVID Protools HDX2. It’s hard to describe but this one just sounds special to me.It comes with the CP-3b power supply. The M (Music) position was essentially flat, with M1 (Music 1), V1 (Voice 1) and V2 (Voice 2) offering progressively increased bass attenuation. The C-37A uses a cathode follower design and 6AU6 tubes which must be very carefully selected for noise and microphonics, and the output transformer is actually located in the power supply. Watch; Genuine SONY Remote Control for CDP-C37 CDP-C313 CDP-C313M CDP-C315 CDP-C315M. Buy It Now +$3.50 shipping. The Sony C-37A is a vintage tube condenser microphone built from 1958 through the 1960s, known for its darker, richer tonality compared to the Neumann microphones made in the same era.