STANDING SEAM METAL ROOFING BRACKET THAT GIVES YOU A PLACE TO PUT YOUR FOOT. View. Big 24-inch (61 cm)and the compact 18-inch (46 cm) folding tool makes 1-inch (25.4 mm) or 1-1/2-inch (38.1 mm) deep bends along drip edge of flat-pan standing seam metal roofing panels. This creates the standing seam by making a raised joint, as well as ensures the roof is waterproof. The seams may be formed manually or mechanically by means of special tools. For example, side edges of long steel sheets vertically running to the slope of the roof are secured with standing seam metal rabbets; horizontal stripes of sheets are fixed with recumbent rabbets. Met-Seam Ltd Silverwood Industrial Estate, Craigavon, Northern Ireland, BT66 6LN. This is used to crimp the peaked edges of the metal panels together. consistent notches and hems on straight runs for metal sheet roofing panels in mere seconds — making it perfect for any commercial standing seam … Tools Panel Hemmimg Tool Part # Width Height Weight Each HW-602 19" 13 1/2" 4.25# Home / Products / Components / Accessories / Standing Seam Roof / Tools Tools Eaves bending and finishing tools for standing seam metal roofing are designed to quickly and effectively create a finished panel “hook” for a professional, strong and longlife metal roof termination. standing seam metal roofing & cladding Standing seam panels are a superb modern cladding that will look stunning on any building from homes to schools and commercial premises. The simplicity and time saving capabilities for the job at hand, make this a must have metal roofing tool! High Leverage Drip Edge Folding Tools. Jump to Products. Shop All Roofing Products. TEL: +44 (0)28 3832 5757 Imagine A bracket specifically designed for standing seam metal roof systems that requires NO bolts, NO set screws, NO torque/combination wrenches or any additional tools for attachment….. just your fingers. Another great standing seam roofing tool we offer is the Eave Master, which is a lightweight, easily transportable machine that makes. Paint Brush. Crimping Tool. Edge Bending Tools. 4. FEATURES: Powerful and versatile tools -- used in HVACR, metal roofing, and many other sheet metal applications Forged and plated -- and fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects Bending depth marks on jaws Regular or offset handle models Also available with cushion grip handles, which provide a softer, more comfortable grip Made in the USA! The machine has a V-shaped metal section and when you push the top of the machine, it bends the metal into this shape. Introducing The Roof Rat Bracket 3.