In this sandwich, we combine the crispy and golden roasted artichoke hearts with creamy and rich Mecox Cheddar between two slices of sourdough and a hefty drizzle of hot pepper-infused olive oil. Pork Roll, Egg and Bagel Grilled Cheese from Grilled Cheese Social. And when you add sautéed kale and three kinds of mushrooms, this veg-loaded grilled cheese becomes even more colorful and flavorful. Ingredients. Well, now you can eat the cake mixture all you want without fear of getting sick from the raw egg contamination. ***Pin these Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches here!***. This helps keep the spinach in place as you put the sandwich together and later eat it. Have a great first week of spring and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with FULL PLATE THURSDAY! Reutilize those leftovers and put that slop into a waffle press and get ready to make the best thing that’s ever been created. That's right. Looking for other great Spring recipes? It's sweet and savory, vegetarian, and is always a hit. Did someone say spicy jalapeño mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese? Sure, we all know that pizza is pretty much every human's favorite food ever but what happens when you combine that Italian deliciousness with an American classic? But the real star of this stress-free picnic are these pretty little strawberry cream cheese sandwiches that my mom used to served in a little tea house she ran down in Texas. Add a side of marinara and get ready to dip the night away. Triple-layered berry cheesecake . Try adding caramelized onions, bacon, or an egg. And by adding the french onion dip seasoning to the top, you get even more of that awesome retro-ness. Check out this and other great southern recipes on Meal Plan Monday, Weekend Potluck, and Full Plate Thursday! I look forward to our conversations- the kind that could only happen on a porch, in a swing, between great friends. There's a ton of variations for the Reuben sandwich, and some people have said that this recipe resembles a sandwich known as the Rachel—that is if you swap the pastrami for turkey and the cheddar out for Swiss cheese—but this buttery rich sandwich deserves its own category. Butter outside of bread and place on bread slices. Not only does it melt perfectly, but its got a sweet and nutty bite that lends well to just about everything. Just my way of saying thank you for stopping by! This challah bread french toast sandwich is stuffed with creamy mascarpone cheese, delicious hazelnut Nutella, and fresh ripened strawberries and definitely needs to be made for a special someone's breakfast in bed. Caprese is a very popular Italian dish made with fresh sliced tomato, creamy mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. In this Rueben spin-off recipe, sharp cheddar cheese is melted over warm peppery pastrami, creamy coleslaw, and zesty Thousand Island dressing. Make your next camping trip even more special by grilling up some tasty bacon and cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches. This grilled cheese with smoked Polish oscypek cheese and strawberry jam uses a particular cheese is called Oscypek. Strawberry Cream Cheese 4 ounces cream cheese softened 3 strawberries stems removed 2 teaspoons honey Repeat with second sandwich. Also, this recipe calls for leftover macaroni and cheese, but it can totally work if you make it on the spot as long as you let it cool and thicken up for a bit. May the peace of Christ reign in your homes. Arugula pesto, made with fresh walnuts, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, salt, and fresh baby arugula leaves, is the star of this savory breakfast grilled cheese. A place that makes a real difference in your day-to-day and walk with Christ. The prettiest little strawberry cream cheese sandwich this side of the Rio Grande. We've served this sandwich for breakfast with a side of bacon, for dessert with powdered sugar on top, and pretty much any time that we've had poundcake around. Imagine this: Beautiful squash blossoms drizzled with honey and topped with candied pumpkin seeds layered between a toasted pretzel bun full of fluffy fresh ricotta, melted sharp cheddar, and truffled taleggio cheese.