It is intended primarily for architects and it is hoped that it will enable students and members of the profession to gain a better understanding of the relationship between structural design and architectural design. The concepts form the basis for understanding the design procedures, overall design approach, and how to inspect the structural design of a residential dwelling. With this conceptual background, it is hoped that the inspector will gain a greater appreciation for creative and efficient design … Structural Concept / Structural Existing Conditions Report PricewaterhouseCoopers Oslo, Norway James Wilson Structural Option ... its structural design. – easies the search for the solutions to a design, to a structural … The basic structural … Structural Concepts and Design •Concrete strength is determined by testing a standard concrete cylinder in compression (cylinder is 200 mm high with a 100 mm diameter) •Concrete stress … structural design calculations are made. It encompasses a structural discussion, code overview, material summary, determination of design … Conceptual design (Balázs et al 2009; Corres 2013) is a process or design method, which using the available resources – structural, technological, cultural, creative, etc.