“Clemens’s message of community and inclusivity is hard to resist,” one critic wrote. He was polite and a little bashful. He got an education in house music and hip-hop when his older friends took him to the Paradox, a night club in Baltimore. How the creative director brought something new to high fashion. To mark the collaboration’s announcement, Clemens also stars in a video campaign for Ugg that depicts a calm day in the life of one of fashion’s most influential designers. “It’s a knee-brace bag.” The knee brace had its own tiny cargo pocket. “I got bored of being there, and just the idea of being there,” he said. And then, like, a month later, on Instagram, that person exists.”. When he is in New York, he lives with an aunt in a two-bedroom apartment in LeFrak City, a vast housing complex in Queens whose buildings were named for different countries in honor of the 1964 World’s Fair. In the days leading up to the show, Clemens, Gallagher, and Radboy worked out of a small studio in Le Marais with painted wood floors and a skylight that leaked when it rained. The bouncers pepper-sprayed the interns and assistants who came to his defense. He, Gallagher, and Clemens set about trying to make Telfar commercially viable. “My birthday present was a literal fire under my ass,” Clemens told me during New York Fashion Week, in mid-February, when I visited him at the apartment-hotel in the financial district where he was staying while repairs were being made at LeFrak. (Radboy and Gallagher are a couple and have a five-year-old son.) Then they returned to Liberia, where his mother, Hawa, and Major worked as civil servants. Radboy described the committed Telfar customer as a “black-adjacent, queer-adjacent” person who, until recently, was not often found in fashion advertising. In the past three years, Clemens has repurposed the Budweiser logo in his clothes with the same enthusiasm that Tommy Hilfiger has shown for the American flag, and has put Beats headphones on his models during runway shows. At the end of January, after four months of living mostly in Europe, Clemens missed LeFrak. After a difficult morning—he had thrown his Mario doll on to the studio’s roof, a total loss—he sat on a love seat holding a paper bag of candy. At the finale of Telfar’s Spring 2019 show, “Country,” which was designed around the tropes of cowboys and country music, Clemens crowd-surfed in a mosh pit. Clemens has noticed that press about Telfar often uses words like “diversity,” “community,” and “inclusive.” “I’m, like, always being included,” Clemens said, dryly. Sitting in his bathroom, where the Wi-Fi signal in his aunt’s apartment is strongest and where he had therefore set up a small office, he began reflecting on his life. All rights reserved. Last night Telfar Clemens threw a vast supper. In addition to working for Telfar, Radboy, the son of Iranian immigrants, is the art director for Bidoun, an arts magazine about the Middle East and its diasporas. In 2005, while still a student at Pace University, Clemens founded his eponymous, unisex fashion brand, Telfar.. Clemens met Babak Radboy in 2004, who later joined as creative director and business partner in 2013. Telfar’s runway show took place at La Cigale, a historic music venue in Montmartre, on a Monday. It has an illustration with what looks like wisps of smoke in the background. © 2020 Condé Nast. A Life profile of a U.N. diplomat? The dance had been inspired by the poet Aimé Césaire’s “Notebook of a Return to the Native Land” and was choreographed by one of Clemens’s friends, Xavier Cha.