Starting off with The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. The main reason, this caused me breakouts which I didn’t expect at all. The Lemon variant is the most popular one among the other variants which includes Aloe, Peach, Mung Bean and Acerola. This has a nice cherry and floral scent to it. They range from toners and creams to brightening products. With wall-filled rows and rows … I haven’t tested out this enough. Theme by. Whereas the other type – Spot Hydrocolloid Band is a hydrogel type that absorbs and protects wound infections. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel, The Face Shop White Seed Blanclouding White Moisture Cream, The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam, The Face Shop Rice Creamide Moisturizing Emulsion, The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Sheet Mask, The Body Shop Review : 10 Best and Worst Products Tried & Tested. I apply a thick layer of the gel and let it work for 20 minutes and then rinse with generous amounts of water. Rating: 3/5. But is not very moisturzing for my dry hands. Next time I’ll try the bamboo one too! Like most face washes, it instantly wakes up tired, dull skin and imparts a temporary brightness. Starting off with The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. Hi a good detailed review. These may not be their most popular or best selling products. I’ve used it all through summer. Racked is no longer publishing. This Face Shop Kit had 80 patches in total and this was more economical compared to that. Just use the edge of the stick for a delicate line under the eye. A multi purpose gel at a very good price. The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon is a pearly white creamy cleanser that foams up really well. No.05. The hand cream, however, is not very moisturizing. / In add-ition, it became a global cosmetic brand that has expanded its business to Japan in 2006. This is my most favourite among all The Face Shop Products. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here. Loved reading your views on The Face Shop products. So I would skip it. This is specifically meant for dry, dehydrated skin, but from my personal experience this would suit oily, combination skin types as well. However there is one major con with this product, it kind of makes my skin look dull and dark whilst this product is on my skin. Add To Cart. Where to buy? And what a great price. The Face Shop claims to meet all your beauty needs with products formulated with a blend of science and nature. It's great for dry skin, and those looking for anti-aging products. This cream boasts 24 hours of moisturizing with no caking. It sucks out all the bacteria struck deep inside the skin and flattens out the acne area. It has got a refreshing citrus fragrance that awakens tired skin. Great for the summers. It is a transparent patch and much thinner than the other. The Face Shop false eyelashes feature a variety of different shapes from delicate real-looking lashes to doll lashes and more. Staying Power? Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. Overall, for the price point and long lasting quantity, this easily makes the cut for being one of the best affordable face washes for oily skin. THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm [1] 20% OFF 8.68 USD → 6.94 USD. THE FACE SHOP BIO-CELL Moisturizing Face … One of the most popular anti-aging skincare lines at The Face Shop, the Miindo Hwan Saeng Go products include a host of natural plant-based ingredients as well as real gold to recover damaged skin cells. This cleansing foam is sulphate and paraben free as well. Re-application is needed when hands are washed too. The cream is nicely moisturizing and hence leave the skin supple and healthy when used as a night cream. The intense cover cushion gives a lesser dewy skin and is less hydrating than the Ultra Moist. Unless you are pale and fairer,don’t even think about these. Very effective on pimples & rashes as well as insect bites. I’m back with another popular South Korean Cosmetics brand in my Brand Focus Series wherein I share my experience with products from a particular brand. In this post, you can find a collective review of a couple of The Face Shop Products that I have personally tried. Buy 12 Get 8 FREE - Face Masks. Except for the sheet masks, others don’t impress me much…. The emulsion has a mild scent to it, that’s totally non bothering. The scent was nice and pleasing with a touch of floral notes. Even with continuous usage, twice a day, this does not provide any long lasting effect of brightening the skin as claimed. Where to buy? Both patches are fragrance free as well. They also leave you white due to its high SPF. Although I liked how it reduced my skin irritations, I didn’t like its feel on my skin. I’ve tried 3 sheet masks from The Face Shop – Two from the Real Nature Range and One from the The Solution Range. I’ll have to say that it was a pretty good Hand Cream. I have oily skin & found that the sheets / solution made my skin sticky. But if you are having very dry skin, this would not satisfy your hand’s moisture requirement. It blends and absorbs quickly, within seconds of application and it immediately leaves my hands soft, nourished and moisturized. No.04. I’ve used various brightening face washes, but this one is the most brightening one of all. The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel 20% OFF 8.68 USD → 6.94 USD. Personally, I found this cleanser to be harsh on my skin, so I wouldn’t really recommend this for everyday use. I have been using Faceshop Aloe Vera Gel & looooved the product. The only hand cream I have tried so far is the Yves Rocher Arnica Hand Cream. The only thing they could improve is the packaging. This isn’t actually a review of the products, but just my impression on the The Face Shop Cushions. This variant has a mild floral fragrance. It's all natural—no synthetic products are used. It’s super easy to use and a quick solution to get rid of blackheads. Read these The Body Shop … Overall, I don’t think it’s a product that’s worth trying. The products also contain snail slime (eek!) Nothing as ever worked for me as great as this one. This method really soothes and calms tired dull skin after harsh sun exposure. I liked the unique texture of this, but this kind of broke me out, so not recommending it to oliy and acne skin types. It has a nice cherry scent. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam I liked this scent. The cleanser foams up really well, cleanses extremely well pulling out makeup, impurities, oils and everything from face, leaving it super squeaky clean, along with making my skin dry and stretchy.