As such, he has many followers who are soldiers themselves and those who devote themselves to battle should see what Iroas has to offer. it is not only a brand new world for you and your party to explore. He also does not care for fame or any form of renown of any kind, seeking only to perform his duties. In this Theros Gods 5E guide, we’ll be going through all 15 of the Gods of Theros and delve into who they are. Defeat an unwise or foolish person in the name of Keranos, Help a Polis plan for or adapt to a threat successfully, Jeopardizing others through rash or foolish actions, Subvert or impede a wise course of action willingly, Fail to plan appropriately for a challenge, 3+ = Once on each of your turns when you land an attack with your weapon, you can deal an extra 1d6 of lightning damage. 25+ = You can cast Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum. She oversees the order of the universe and makes sure that things remain as they should be. Erebos is worshipped by those who seek wealth and collections due to this. This trait is limited equal to your intelligence modifier, 10+ = Reroll the die on a failed Intelligence or Wisdom saving roll and use the outcome of that reroll, Defeat a creature that has stepped out if it’s place, Repair a wound dealt to destiny by the god’s ambitions, Teach people about Klothys, her nature and her return, Undo a deserved punishment or curse suffered by another creature, Assist a creature in undermining the natural order or exploiting destiny, 25+ = Develop a second sense, meaning you can’t be surprised anymore unless you’re incapacitated, Keep a dangerous secret despite personal cost, Reveal a critical truth at an important moment, Reveal a secret that should remain unknown, Show favouritism toward another god or group, Further the aims of another god against Kruphix’s will, 25+ = Use your Mage Hand cantrip to protect yourself. 25+ = If a creature is about to attack you, it has to make a DC 15 WIS saving throw. The Mythic Odysseys of Theros are home to a wide variety of fey creatures, from the mischievous Satyr to the curious Centaur. Ability increases of +2 strength and +1 wisdom aren’t bad if you are planning a strength-based melee character. We will likely need to some clarification of what that means for spells that banish Fey to their home planes. In the process of this he never lets his guard down and strongly encourages his followers to do the same. You must also not perform any actions that you are uncomfortable with or show cowardice. His goal is to maintain the balance between the Underworld and the land of the living, acting as a medium between the two. Directly attacking farms and villages will have a negative impact on your relations with her. In fact, there has been a fair amount of discussion online over whether or not it is too powerful. Easing someone’s death or assisting with their funeral arrangements. For characters that want to devote themselves to Mogis, they must truly want to see the world burn. In Heliod’s point of view, he is the ruler of the gods. Characters who lean on the side of either good or evil may not belong with this god as these alignments are biased. 50+ = Increase your CON or WIS score by 2 and increase your max for that score by 2. This god is a fairly calm god, due to the fact that she believes there are few who can match her power. He usually aligns himself with those who are Chaotic Neutral, with characters who seek to further their own self-interest through knowledge and strength. They also get two free skill proficiencies, making them an excellent option for a bard. Learn more with our How Does Concentration Work 5E Guide. You get a boost to foot speed and can see in dim light. Instead, she focuses almost entirely on the mortals that she presides over. Divert a water source needed for irrigation. Keranos is the God of Storms and Wisdom. For those that do decide to devote themselves to Keranos, remember to approach every situation with attention and plan accordingly. Your email address will not be published. While not the strongest option, the Centaur has potential to be fun. The Minotaur’s other racial traits also complement a melee build. She usually aligns herself with those who are Neutral Good, characters that believe in balance, but lean more towards good. His main goal is to maintain authority and power over the Underworld. […], Concentration is an important mechanic in a variety of situations. He ferries the dead across the Tartyx river and into the Underworld. Karametra is also the god of maternity, family, orphans, and domestication. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Goring rush is great for fighters, as it gives you a bonus attack with your horns after you dash. His goals are fairly simple, but may never be achieved. Ephara firmly believes that Art and Science is important in the development of the citizenry and the cities that she presides over. She usually aligns with those who are Neutral Good, characters that perform good deeds with no inclination towards a higher goal. The sourcebook is full of fun campaign ideas, magical items, and other elements for building a compelling adventure. Those who decide to devote themselves to Iroas must be ready to accept any challenge they come across, no matter how daunting it may seem. Defeating a Returned and its associated eidolon. 25+ = You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened. If you want to devote yourself to Phenax, you’ll need to be someone who is as deceitful as he is. As such this is a god that believes wholeheartedly in balance. The other traits for the Triton more than make up for it. Her main goal is quite different from the other gods since she doesn’t have any real interest in gaining power or thwarting the plans of the other deities. Let us know in the comments either way! See our How to Calculate Proficiency Bonus 5E Guide! The most important politics of the Mythic Odysseys of Theros takes place on the surface, where fey and beast alike tread. Heliod tends to align with Lawful Good characters, those who believe in order and bring light to the world. There are two issues that have raised questions with the Satyr. Though the vision that he has for the world is his and his alone. He is as patient as his title describes, willing to mercilessly strike out at his foes with a bolt of lightning. He is the one that greets souls when it is their time to move on. We can help! If you plan an aquatic-based campaign, this is a strong option. However, the race is fantastic and fits several interesting archetypes. He could be seen as a perfectionist but that would be discrediting his craving for creation. He tends to align with characters who are Chaotic Good, characters that have courage and strength. Characters who lean in the direction of good or evil will find it difficult to work for a god that doesn’t believe in either. Couple this with darkvision, the ability to speak to underwater creatures, and resistance to cold damage, and you are looking at a strong options as far as Theros races go. For this reason, all enchantments are thought to be gifts from the gods. Performing acts of corruption of tyranny. The gods of Theros- very real beings with vast influence over the plane- are themselves living enchantments. For example, being a Fey in the Forgotten Realms opens you up to some dangerous spell effects. Retrieving someone’s Eidolon or Returned Form. Phenax sends out his followers to disrupt the mortal world in similar ways and provides the support for them to do just that. He usually aligns himself with those who are Neutral, characters that seek knowledge but know that some things are better left secret. Though ultimately this may cause more problems than it solves. Aligning with those who are purely Neutral, characters who have no biases and see the world for what it is. […]. Winning a great feat of strength and/or skill, Defeating an honorable foe through deceit. 50+ = Increase your DEX or WIS score by 2 and increase your max for that score by 2. Hopefully, this Theros Gods 5E Guide has given you a little bit of insight into this world. Any kind of justice or honesty is going to upset Phenax and lower your relations with him. It remains to be seen how big a deal this is. Check out our complete Warforged names guide for examples. Her gaze is fixed upon her people in these cities, where she makes them fully commit to the pursuit of the Arts, in the hopes that the people grow and better themselves. He cannot abide by those whose actions are seen as foolish or unwise. She usually aligns herself with those who are Neutral, characters who are willing to act in favour of nature and don’t resist change. Giving you more of a reason to dig into the lore of Theros and discover which god you want to serve. Pharika’s goals are mainly fixated on learning more about the world. That’s been our Guide to the Gods of Theros. Learn about it with our Frozen Fingers 5E Guide. You have hooves as natural melee weapons which are weak on their own.