A Social Security number (SSN) is issued by the SSA whereas all other TINs are issued by the IRS. TIN Number and GST Number are two different numbers used in respect of VAT and GST transactions under Indirect Tax Structure. I’am answering you on the assumption that you are asking about Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) You must obtain an ITIN if: 1. It is issued either by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or by the IRS. A Social Security number is a type of TIN, only for individuals, used for many identification and financial reasons, including for taxes. Alpha Group Code: For individuals: Code including their surname and name (between 001-999) Under age of 16 years: They are legally represented (do not sign for their acts) and one of the parents shall make the request, exempt from proxy, because this representation is foreseen in the New Civil Code. Muchas gracias Other acronyms to refer to this same number assigned by the IRS are FEIN (Federal EIN, Federal Employer Id Number), or simply known as a Tax ID Number, or Tax ID. You do not have an SSN and are not eligible to obtain one. A Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a nine-digit number used as a tracking number by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is required information on all tax returns filed with the IRS. Tax Id Number (TIN) Información clave: Los números de identificación fiscal (TIN) son números de seguimiento de nueve dígitos que utiliza el IRS de acuerdo con las leyes fiscales. A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an identification number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the administration of tax laws. Simply, these all refer to the same thing, the 9 digit number, in the format of 12-3456789, that is assigned by the IRS to new entities and is used by the IRS to identify businesses and individuals for tax purposes. Single Tax Identification Number Alpha Group Code Sequence Number Control Number 1 2 3 0 0 0 5 2 8 4 Section II – TIN Structure National Identity Number consists of 11 digits different than the 10 digit TIN. And 2. English term or phrase: TIN Taxpayer Identification Number: Se que hay muchas entradas con este termino, pero lo que quiero saber es cual es la terminologia especifica y las respectivas iniciales usadas en México. A tax identification number, also called a TIN, is a number assigned to a business entity or person for the IRS to keep track of them for tax purposes. - CPF (TIN) registration number – in casse client requests change or regulation of information.