20 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners – Master Beginner Ukulele Songs in 20 Hours September 13, 2020 February 7, 2020 by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we mainly aim to teach you everything we can about guitars. That’s why it made this list of easy ukulele songs. Because of The Edge’s tricky effected guitar work it sounds much more complex. You’re all set and ready to go learning these easy ukulele songs. Then try and do it all at once. Try adding 3rd double stops and learn the picking riff! Which is why three or four chord easy ukulele songs totally rock! Even a simple down, down strum works wonders here. A rousing song for Maui’s majestic mountain, easy chords can be made difficult by the speed! One of the ukulele’s most popular current songs, Riptide rocks a low baritone sound and a bordering-on-out-of-control strum to rock through bizarre lyrical scenes. Because I’m nice I included a detailed write up on it here: Riptide ukulele chords and strumming pattern. Certainly one of the most powerful songs on this list, One Day is more of a pop song than reggae, but Matisyahu IS modern reggae in my mind. But this doesn’t mean they are a great song for beginners. After playing along with some of these songs, I think you would agree with me that it is so fun to play easy ukulele songs that have the C, G, Am, and F chords. This song hasn’t over 1 billion views on YouTube, and for good reason! But it’s next door neighbors with a super easy key so these chords below are easy for even a beginner uke player to strum. This same group of ukulele chords is based on what’s called the I V Vi IV chord progression. To play Am just place your middle finger on the second fret of the fourth string. With a steady downstrum and some nimble changes you’ll be rocking your uke like the Heartbreakers! And since Bob and Jimi set the bar with their raspy and legendary “bad” voices, it’s a great tune to start singing on if you haven’t tried before. To play C major, place you ring finger on the third fret on the first string. After you’ve gone over these changes a couple of times and you feel comfortable, play the play along track and you can practice playing the song together with us! He recorded the song by him singing and accompanying with his ukulele. The keyword here is easy, so get ready to learn just a few chords and how to go about playing almost any tune you can think of because chances are these chords will fit right in. Now, you want to start to play the ukulele with easy ukulele songs. Chords: Am, G, F Of all the songs I personally play at my shows, All Along the Watchtower is one of my favorite ukulele songs for beginners. Pick a favorite here and click through to the chords to get started. Chords: Am, G, F Of all the songs I personally play at my shows, All Along the Watchtower is one of my favorite ukulele songs for beginners. Still a huge hit all these years later! 11 Best Tenor Ukulele for Amazing Quality. A modern classic by the late Rev. Start with the G chord, playing several measures of four consecutive down strums at a slow tempo. An oldie, but goodie about jamming music in the street by CCR. But, of course, “popular” is not the same as “easy.”, Which is why most of these collections are not particularly useful and possibly frustrating. Some lists actually include quite difficult songs! ? More about me, I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You, Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole (Tons of chords with shifting patterns), Hey Soul Sister by Train (Recorded in a hard key and with a fast strum that will just confuse beginners. The idea is to get everything running on autopilot in one form or another. So, to prepare for learning these songs, play each chord four times. Optional: Capo on 1st fret Though not a heavy reggae song, Sublime is such a renowned reggae band that What I Got sort of has to go here. I’ve taught workshops internationally, made Herb Ohta Jr. laugh until he cried, and once jammed with HAPA onstage in my boardshorts. This is usually the very first easy ukulele song I teach complete beginners. A little note before we hit the ground running. If there’s one song that any musician in North America should know it’s Happy Birthday. Little effort for a really fun sound with lyrics anybody can sing and play (even if you don’t know what “lomi salmon” is). One of the top easy ukulele songs on this list, Jambalaya is the perfect first tune for a total newbie. Capo: 5th fret for original, but a little uncomfortable to play especially on a soprano ukulele. Change the E to an E7 for an easier variation. The ring finger is best in this case because it makes it easier to switch to F, G, and Am. They are separated by genre with some of my top picks highlighted at the beginning of each section. Before we get going, if you want really simple two-chord songs, check out my page of tunes that only use F and C7 (two of the easiest uke chords). The idea is that it will allow you to sing and play many melodies, and it will not have been a struggle. While the chords aren’t too hard, Bob’s tricky timing is a good challenge for those that want a little more. Still Haven’t Found is a total sleeper. We can still use C, F, G, Am by using what’s called a capo. Did you know you can play nearly an endless list of easy ukulele songs for beginners with just four chords? Seagull S6 Review: Impressive Sound & Quality For Price! I’m partial to Justin Young’s version (above), but the original follows the same chords and both get huge mileage from just three chords. With such easy chords the Hawaiian refrain is probably the most challenging part for most people! Optional: No capo for Leonard Cohen version – capo on 1st fret for Jeff Buckley version. If you’re a strumming wiz who wants to drill on some easy songs, reggae is your jam. This song is about the area of Kahalu’u on the island of O’ahu. Start playing using a simple all down strumming pattern for this song. But keep in mind that if you plan to play along with the original then using a capo will be required in some cases. If you want even more ideas for some easy uke songs, there is a great collection on Uke Hunt arranged by chords used. Lots of people like to make lists and link to songs that are popular on the uke. You see the music video and alongside the chords, lyrics and timeline are displayed. Here’s a serious earworm with some easy chords. Of all the songs I personally play at my shows, All Along the Watchtower is one of my favorite ukulele songs for beginners. This song together with the others on the list makes for an easy catchy tune to play. Dennis Kamakahi about the Kalalau area on Kaua’i. 12 Ukulele Experts Share Tips on Getting Started Playing Ukulele. Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit is no exception. And since Bob and Jimi set the bar with their raspy and legendary “bad” voices, it’s a great tune to start singing on if you haven’t tried before. There are so many ukulele songs to choose from if you are starting out as a beginner player. You can use the Play Along with C, D and Baritone tuning. Just follow the written music, stream or download the online audio to hear how the ukulele should sound, and then play along … If you’re a comfortable singer, give the falsetto style a try! The original title of this song is “Over The Rainbow”, a ballad sung by Judy Garland for the movie Wizard of Oz. Use E7 instead of E for a much more manageable version. Its minor mood with the descending/ascending chord progression is a total win. These are among the most common ukulele chords you can play, so why not use these same chords and be able to play hundreds and even thousands of songs! The order of the chords is C, Am, F, G. Here’s what the chord chart looks like for the first verse lines at the beginning of the song. Since that means lots of beginners searching the web and the fact that truly easy uke songs can be hard to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I put together some favorites that are fun to play and I often teach my students. For those who want more of a challenge, you can try picking the intro lead. One of several two-chord gems on this list, Horse With No Name is almost as easy as they come. One of my favorite songs of all time in the Jawaiian (Hawaiian reggae) genre, One Groove keeps it simple with a repeating reggae chord pattern. Once everything is easy separately, start adding pieces together – strum (muted) and sing or strum and hold chords. All pop songs, for example, have these repeating patterns. Take note of the progression. The ukulele is regarded as one of the easier instruments to start playing and with COVID-19 keeping folks cooped up, it’s more popular than ever. Before you try playing along, get familiar with the chord progression as you see in the chord chart below. A minor is probably the easiest chord because it takes only one finger although there is a better grip on F major. These same chord changes repeat throughout the whole song so this is a good pattern to practice. It’s only two chords and some attitude. It is an easy and fast way learn to play songs and it's fun and educative too! There are many, many Hawaiian songs that follow the same exact chord progression (order). But again, feel free to play without capo if you want. Order of chords: Verse: C, Am, C, Am, F, G, C, Chorus: F, Am, F, Am, C, G, C. There’s almost no way to leave out this song from the list.