And you can even learn how to make vegan mozzarella that bakes and browns on a pizza almost like the real thing. These books show how eating plants not only sustains but can elevate your efforts in the gym. Led and penned by researcher T. Colin Campbell, the study looked at the diets and lifestyles of several cultures around the world to determine just what are the causes of some of the West’s biggest chronic illnesses. From the nutrition-expert and physician behind the world-renowned Nutrition Facts website, ‘How Not to Die’ is an ultimate blueprint on how to live a healthier, longer life. I am very happy to see that there are more documentaries to view and books to read. My personal favourites are Neal Barnard’s – he wrote the forward to my vegan book, ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’ too :-) And with recipes like mushroom stroganoff, grilled eggplant “steaks” and bursting-with-berries cobbler, aspiring vegans won’t have to sacrifice on flavor. Vegan for Everybody by America's Test Kitchen takes our top spot because of its sheer number of recipes—200—and the fact that most of the recipes call for ingredients you'll likely find at your local grocery store. Can a whole food plant-based diet really reverse heart disease? Cheers, plants, and peace to all, Based on the idea that every kitchen can be a plant-based one, Campbell sets out to show how everybody can ‘plant-pure’ their kitchen, including what to stock and where, the basic essentials for plant-based cooking and the secret ingredients that will add a magic touch to any meal. This revolutionary kitchen gadget does so much more than make a pot roast; it can cook up non-dairy yogurts, prepare an entire plant-based meal at once, or simmer your sides while you work on the main dish. After Doctors Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman discovered the life-saving benefits of eating only whole, plant-based foods, they helped spark a health revolution with their hard-hitting documentary. Starting with an explanation of why whole foods are nutritionally superior to processed foods for athletic performance, Brazier introduces his comprehensive 12-week plan that will help any athlete enhance their performance and recovery time, and create healthier habits. ‘Minimalist Baker’ offers a whole new way to cook. There are plenty of cookbooks out there that teach home cooks how to make kitchen staples like homemade butter and quick mayo, but vegans often have to rely on online recipes or packaged products they find in stores. Though there have been significant strides in our awareness of animal welfare in the decades since this book was written, ‘Animal Liberation’ is as relevant today as it ever was. Together with her husband, she founded nutriciously in 2015 and has been guiding thousands of people through different transition stages towards a healthy plant-based diet. In exposing what really goes on behind slaughter house doors, Foer holds little back…making ‘Eating Animals’ powerful and essential reading. Best Comfort Food: Sweet Potato Soul . That's why we did some of the legwork for you. Jenné Claiborne grew up in Atlanta feasting on buttery biscuits, her grandmother’s sweet potato pie, and smoky sausage links. Simple and sustainable vegan cooking takes on a new lease of life in Laura Wright’s cookbook. From comfort food to desserts, we've made a list of the best vegan cookbooks, whatever your reasons for cooking plant-based. Thanks for your input, we will keep your suggestions in mind :) If you want easy, cheap and delicious vegan food that can be whipped up in a mere moment (almost), then Isa Chandra’s your gal. Written by Toni Okamoto, who founded a website by the same name, the pages include tips for frugal food shopping, planning, and consumption. These books not only give an excellent insight into animal activism; they also give you the ultimate tools to persuade and inspire others. But with all this new information around living a vegan lifestyle, where should you even start? But let’s be honest, having a bunch of beautiful books on your shelf at home doesn’t just look pretty but will also keep you on track and maybe even spark the interest of people around you. Lauren mentions Richard Oppenlander’s books and these are definitely must reads. Now, ‘The Forks Over Knives Plan’ is putting all of that knowledge into action, with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step meal makeover plan to start you on the path to plant-based success. There are also sections on how to stock a vegan pantry; nutrition-approved references for tackling dietary concerns and tips and tricks on everything from pleasing picky eaters to packing school lunches and handling social situations. Plus, the meals come together in 30 minutes or less. As the follow-up to ‘The PlantPure Nation’, Kim Campbell’s ‘The PlantPure Kitchen’ has impressed and delighted cooks with its comprehensive information, easy-to-follow recipes, and humble advice. Worry your friends won’t want to come over for dinner? No matter your level of psychology understanding, ‘Change of Heart’ will certainly have more to teach you. Over 50. This book connects Miriam with her own rich roots, and takes plant-based cooking to a new level, bringing the exotic flavours of the Middle East & Southern Mediterranean within easy reach of the home cook, and showing once again Miriam's innovative genius as she redesigns vegan cuisine. But it most certainly can help those who are obese and suffering from serious health concerns to really turn around their health. Garth Davis MD turns the popular conception on its head to ask “Is all this protein making us healthier?” Using his own hands-on patient experiences combined with science-backed studies of longest-living populations, Davis shows how too much protein may actually be making us fat, sick and tired and how we can REALLY lose weight, gain energy and stay healthy for life. Alena Schowalter is a Certified Vegan Nutritionist who has been a vegetarian since childhood and vegan since 2012. Find out about the most comprehensive vegan cookbook: 800 recipes, 500 pages! This was a temporary error caused by a plugin – should now look great and colorful again! Which of these vegan books have you read and have inspired you?