A PhD in Counseling, which focuses on counselor education and supervision, will prepare you for academic roles with counseling programs that teach and nurture new counselor students. Counseling psychologists also consult with organizations (e.g., businesses) and work groups to help provide a work environment in which people can succeed, and to enhance the ability of organizations … The PhD in Counselor Educator and Supervision program equips you with advanced teaching, supervision, and counseling skills that can broaden your ability to advocate for the profession and clients. Reach a significant milestone in your career as you … Professionals who earn their Ph.D. in psychology have many more career options available to them than Masters level and Bachelors prepared individuals. Specialization : Doctoral candidates can choose to specialize in a particular area of marriage and family counseling… What Can I Do With a PhD in Psychology? When thinking about a master's in clinical psychology, counseling may come to mind as a job for a person with this credential. These skills can help you succeed in a research setting, allowing you to make groundbreaking innovations into the field of marriage and family counseling. Not only are incomes generally higher with a Ph.D… What Can You Do With a Master's in Clinical Psychology?