Popular pages: The Tempest. Prospero’s last image is an emotional Ariel. Caliban is told that he must carry the stolen clothes or Stephano will turn him out of his kingdom. What does Prospero promise to give Ariel at last? The fine clothing immediately distracts Stephano and Trinculo. Where do Antonio, Sebastian, and Gonzalo go when the mariners cry out? Instead of Ariel being disguised as a invisible sea nymph, he takes the form of a person who also has wound up on the island. Caliban found a jagged rock along a cave that resembled closely to a pocket knife. What does Gonzalo suggest the mariners do? How long have Prospero and Miranda been on their island? If thou be’st Stephano, touch me and speak to me, for I am Trinculo—be not afeard—thy good friend Trinculo. Who doesn’t fall asleep when Ariel enters playing music? Now the mischievous four are unsure whether to rid of Miranda an Ferdinand. Enter CALIBAN with a burden of wood. Enter Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo. What does Caliban do after Prospero do to anger him? With the spell almost complete Prospero unknowingly can’t sleep and peeks his eyes open just a little. This results in basically a trap and the three are run off by a pack of spirit hound dogs. What does Alonso do when reminded of the likely death of his son? When Trinculo sees Caliban lying on the ground under a cloak, what does he do? Another part of the island. Ariel goes to alert the trio outside the door and they move in. As nightfall approaches, Ariel goes up to Prospero’s room where he is talking to Miranda and Ferdinand. If thou beest Stephano, touch me and speak to me: for I am Trinculo--be not afeard--thy good friend Trinculo. STEPHANO: If thou beest Trinculo, come forth: I'll pull thee: 105: by the lesser legs: if any be Trinculo's legs, these are they. To give the fleet calm seas on its return to Italy. SCENE 2. After all, he did free Ariel from Sycorax. Ariel has Prospero’s full trust so Prospero goes to bed earlier than usual tonight. According to Caliban, what did Prospero do to anger him? Stephano and Trinculo ignore him. What has Prospero been doing on the island for twelve years? The two ignore Caliban's pleas to continue on their mission and his warnings that … Thou scurvy patch!” Act 3, Scene 2, line 63. The mischievous four rejoice at their plan and wait for nightfall to make their moves. What does Prospero give as his reason for treating Caliban so badly? 8. Caliban tries to re-focus them on the murder. Prospero asks Ariel to distract Stephano,Trinculo and Caliban with trashy clothing, he also sets spirits on them in the form of vicious dogs. They search for Prospero and fail to find any sign of him near the cell. Ariel goes back to the trio and tells them that Prospero isn’t suspecting them doesn’t wake up. A pack of spirits in the shape of hounds, set on by Ariel and Prospero, drives the thieves out. What task are both Caliban and Ferdinand forced to perform? The crew converses and Ariel wants to go in alone and “ensure” (magically) that Prospero won’t wake up from their plot. Soon after they touch the clothing, there is “A noise of hunters” (IV.i. Thank you for everything.” and begins to cast his sleeping spell on Prospero. What happens when Stephano and Trinculo approach Prospero’s cell in Act IV of The Tempest? Caliban is told that he must carry the stolen clothes or Stephano will turn him out of his kingdom: What finally happens … What does Sebastian do when everyone wakes up before he and Antonio can kill Alonso? Soon Caliban, Stefano, and Trinculo appear, foul smelling and wet. What got Prospero into trouble before the play begins? If th’ other two be brained like us, the state Thou art very Trinculo indeed! As Prospero eyes realizes what happens its too late and Prospero is under the sleep spell. Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso? What does Caliban do after Stephano mistakes him for something else? Fine clothing 5 of 5. Soon after they touch the clothing, there is "A noise of hunters" (IV.i.251, stage direction). This page contains the original text of Act 2, Scene 2 of The Tempest . Ariel becomes fed up with all of the excessive work Prospero bestows upon him and decides to exact revenge. Ariel request to check on the trio again just to make sure and Prospero grants permission. Reconciling the thought of him actually enjoying himself, he decides to go through with the plan. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What have Stephano and Trinculo lost in the “fifty-mantled pool”? The fine clothing immediately distracts Stephano and Trinculo. 269). The freeness he had to come and go as he pleased, without demand. In the final scene, what does Prospero do for his enemies? What does Caliban say that himself, Stephano and Trinculo must do to take power from Prospero. I’ll pull thee by the lesser legs. With Prospero is officially dead, his magic book and staff disappeared as he died. ACT 2. As Ariel is walking through Prospero’s sleeping chamber to his bed, he is becoming less and less sure if he should go through with this murder. When Stephano spots Trinculo and Caliban under the cloak, what does Stephano think he sees? Ariel almost aborts the mission but begins to remember the fun times he had with his new friends. What shape does Ariel assume at the magical banquet in Act III, scene 3? The original plan is still in effect for these three. What was Prospero’s title before his position was usurped and he was forced to flee Italy? They want to steal it, despite the protests of Caliban, who wants to stick to the plan and kill Prospero. ( Log Out /  They say there’s but five upon this isle; we are three of them. If any be Trinculo’s legs, these are they. When Prospero, Alonso and the King of Naples meet, Prospero tells them off, then shows King Alonso his son and Miranda playing chess. Why does Stephano relish the idea of becoming ruler of the island kingdom? Stephano’s pretensions to nobility are undercut by his devotion to drinking and bawdy songs. What does the parallel between Alonso’s desire to drown himself and Prospero’s promise to drown his book symbolize? Who provides the main comic relief in the play? This results in basically a trap and the three are run off by a pack of spirit hound dogs. Who helped Antonio raise an army and usurp Prospero? 105. Whom does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero’s spirits sent to torment him? Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano will each go up to where Prospero is sleeping and kill him. clowns, Stephano and Trinculo; two lords, Adrian and Francisco; even two principal goddesses, Juno and Ceres. Shakespeare\'s original The Tempest text is extremely long, so we\'ve split the text into one Scene per page. Why can’t the men attack Ariel with their swords? Ariel proclaims he will watch out for anything mischievous happening and alert him. What effect does the sight of more humans have on Miranda? Where was Ariel before Prospero set him free? 5. Prospero foolishly believes Ariel. Designed by GonThemes. TRINCULO Stephano! What do Sebastian and Antonio plan while the others sleep? What does Caliban do that contrasts with his savage demeanor and grotesque appearance? Ariel tells the men that their shipwreck and the loss of Ferdinand are punishment for what? As we know in The Tempest, the crew composed of Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo fail at their attempt to kill Prospero because they become distracted by fine clothing. If thou beest Stephano, touch me and: speak to me: for I am Trinculo--be not afeard--thy: good friend Trinculo. Since Ariel has persuaded Prospero to not worry about the trio, he has let his guard down. Which of the lords expresses the belief that the island is a good place to be? As Ariel stands right beside a listless Prospero, he whispers something. Even though Prospero freed Ariel from Sycorax, Ariel is technically a new slave to Prospero. Where does Ariel lead Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban to delay their attack? Revise and learn about the plot of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest with BBC Bitesize KS3 English Literature. What happens when Trinculo and Stephano touch the clothing? They all come to a agreement to place the blame upon the other plotting crew consisting of Antonio, Alonso, Gonzalo, and Sebastian. The folly of this island! As Prospero is deep in slumber, Ariel alerts the trio waiiting to move in upon Ariel’s cue. We are told that one of the following characters has visited England. How does Miranda react when she learns Ferdinand is a prince?